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Install Windows 8 on dead Vista laptop

installing intel 4000 hd drivers causing black screen

Installed Windows Updates - now black screen after login!

Just a black screen and a cursor after 8.1 download

laptop shows only black screen when waking up

Just a black screen and a cursor after 8.1 update

Latest Windows 8.1 update - after login black screen only.

Loads To Black Screen

Left Monitor Blanks at Startup

Login screen black with flashing cursor

Linux mint 17 black screen

Long Black screen during startup (no cursor)

Monitor shows black screen after been turned off manually

Monitor keeps turning off and on after Windows logo

Newest Windows 8.1 Update Causing Black Screen on Startup

Post Splash Black Screen

power on gives blank screen but with movable cursor

Radeon 6570 driver crashes: fresh 8.1 install

Random freezes ( black screens ).

Safe mode gives black screen with mouse pointer

Screen Blank upon installing Galaxy GeForce GT 430 driver

Screen dark until after password it typed in

Screen Goes Black After Login (No Cursor)

Screen Blackout

Screen Blank after enable intel hd graphics 3000

Skype video black screen on Wiin 8 but not 7

Slow blackscreen during bootup

signing out of one user account screen goes blank

Slow Boot Black Screen After Windows Logo

Source engine games take a while to show up on the screen

Stuck at black screen on boot

Startup seems to pause AFTER desktop

STOP 0x0000003B causing boot stuck on black screen

Think I've screwed up Alienware M17x R3 graphics

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