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How To Edite Album Genre In W8.1 Xbox Music

Lets band together and get Zune features back!!! 0 3 years ago Reply deezus No, still not Zune worthy, and still useless. 0 3 years ago Reply Jose_Rey For people like I before E except after C. 0 3 years ago Reply Michael Archambault Whoops. Under FILTER BY, tap Streaming. Type a name for the playlist (“Rockout Toonz,” “Makeout Music,” whatever), and hit Save.Now a playlist icon called “Rockout Toonz” (or whatever you called your latest list) appears in the list http://easylinkr.com/how-to/how-to-prevent-this-app-needs-to-update-xbox-music.php

When you select “Start a station,” you’re asked to enter the name of a band or a singer you like. Remove music from your collection To delete a single song In the Songs pane, find the song you want to delete. I just need it to actually see all my album art... The worst is that once you get everything right, within a week or two it will decide to arbitrarily "re-match" stuff incorrectly. directory

For instance I just bought some music on my phone, in the win 8 app there's an option to say download music you bought on other devices which i have set Try multimedia 8, or media monkey. 0 3 years ago Reply nizzon Same problem here. I'm glad that the Windows 8 Music App continues to have a nice fullscreen playback display.

Long overdue! 0 3 years ago Reply GuilhermeManso Guys, all the features, except by the "pin" feature, have been available since the last update. This, along with Smart Playlists, are essential to the Zune player experience and I hope they get those features back in ASAP. I spent the good part of a few weeks matching all my music only to find xbox music on my phone was fragmenting the albums etc. The changelog is updated on the store page as well now. 0 3 years ago Reply LiveToSeeTheFuture My favorite feature is play all songs in a genre.

Force-quit the Xbox Music app-long-press on Back and then tap the Close ("X") button on the app thumbnail-wait a few minutes, and then re-launch the app. It plays within a second, I had to try random new music to make sure it hadn't cached the songs! The today update only brings "pins". 0 3 years ago Reply MorganRW Are they going to bring back the 10 songs that you can download and own per month? If you have an Xbox Music Pass subscription, tap the Download icon (an arrow pointing down) to add new music to your phone.

The screen fills with a lovely display of the album art and song titles. There is a thread on the MS forums about it here: http://answers.microsoft.com/thread/dde4df16-01f6-45e7-a22d-651b71c4bf4c 0 3 years ago Reply Credo93 Hi, thanks for the link, but the people there are complaining about something It takes time but usually pays off in the end. 0 3 years ago Reply deezus No. Just tap or click.See the playback controls at the bottom?

Now, its as static as the rest. 0 3 years ago Reply ricardios Bought the $50 music pass and starting to use this service more. If you have your own music, the Music app works with the same sources as does Windows Media Player or the Zune PC software: Anything you place in your Music library They are VASTLY different from the itunes charts. I hope they improve the music app for local collections then I can finally dump my iPod. 0 3 years ago Reply sasukeluffy seems faster. 0 3 years ago Reply Kadcidxa

What you see next is a collection of featured albums. Check This Out Granted I never used Zune, but I don't store music locally and for what it does (streaming) it does well on all my devices.. 0 3 years ago Reply Raesu On No longer must you click the item, then select the play button – just double click the old fashion way and the tunes will jump into action. So frustrating how much of a step back they made after nuking Zune! 0 3 years ago Reply Nik Rolls There's always an element of stepping back, deciding which features should be

Most of these switches have to do with the music you buy from Microsoft’s online store. The update itself is minor, and the Windows Store change log remains the same as the last recent major update, so we are left to figure out the new additions ourselves. i reinstalled the app a few times and it still occurs. http://easylinkr.com/how-to/how-to-stop-windows-from-generating-random-album-art-files.php On Windows phone 8 I get no live tile beauty unless i'm currently listening to something, it takes twice as long to access artists/songs/etc., i hear a noticable click between songs

hope xbox music gets the glory of Zune someday 0 3 years ago Reply McIvan WOW! Get that abomination fixed asap. 0 3 years ago Reply Jazmac It needs a bigger update than this. All rights reserved 800 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 ContactMoreEmail for Help/SupportContact PaulEmail our Advertising TeamAbout Thurrott.comMoreMeet PaulAbout Petri.comOur Other SitesMorePetriThurrottIT Unity HomeWindows 10MoreWindows 10 Field GuideMobileMoreMicrosoft SurfaceWindows PhonesMicrosoft BandAndroidAppleCloudMoreOffice

I am grandfathered into that plan but there is no way to "buy" music on an Windows 8 device.

Hello? It's easier to use the Store app on my phone than download from my collection from my PC with XPO Music. 0 3 years ago Reply Kevin Rush I listen to If you have a keyboard, just tap one of your volume keys. The only thing I was able to do that I can no longer do is download songs straight to my ZUNE HD, though I'm still able to stream them.

Thanks. 0 3 years ago Reply lerimer Can't wait for all this to make its debut in wp8!!!! 0 3 years ago Reply MA70mgte Where are the album reviews?  That basic Understanding Xbox Music Windows 8’s Xbox Music isn’t just one thing. Using Xbox Music to Play Your Own Music All the music you’ve purchased and downloaded online, as well as music you’ve ripped from your own CDs, is stored in the Music http://easylinkr.com/how-to/my-games-want-to-connect-to-xbox.php You can browse these featured albums by genre by clicking or tapping the appropriate genre along the side of the screen.

Note To add or remove devices from your Xbox Music subscription, see Associate devices with your Xbox Music Pass to sync music. See details > 0 Share this page Xbox Support Xbox One Xbox 360 Xbox on Windows 10 Games Billing My account Legacy devices Original console Windows Windows Games Windows Phone 7 I saw no reason for any updates to the way zune worked on the Zune HD or Windows phone 7, except for maybe adding a way to create and edit playlists The local library management is downright awful.

Posted by jimchamplin 3 Comments Offline/Mobile App/"Living Room" Viewing Posted by jchampeau 1 Comments is reporting issues in the Feedback Hub a waste of time? To the right, you see the Xbox Music Store and Most Popular groups, two simple front-ends to Microsoft’s new Xbox Music Store, which is replacing the Zune Music Marketplace. Great service. I'm tired of adding music on my phone, having it not show up on my surface, adding it on my surface, and then having two copies on my phone. 0 3

Well-worth the amount I pay for it :) 0 3 years ago Reply Vladimir Saenko \ o / They added a full screen mode 0 3 years ago Reply freshfelicio Still