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Crash during backup A program error could occur if multiple backups are sent to the same target folder from different PC's at the same time. Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Restore Granular mailbox restore had a rare platform issue where support code libraries were not being loaded. Restore Dialog Issue Hiding the restore dialog could cause other apps to lose focus. What's New 6.1.1081 - 9th February 2016 Script scheduling improvements Concurrent Script scheduling now works in a similar manner to XML file schedules. his comment is here

Server Plus - Deleted email restore problem On Exchange 2003 and 2007, if an email's content had been deleted from the Exchange server but it still had an allocated row in Use of the USB memory stick with Portable Application Support ceases when the Technicians License expires; but use can be extended only if the Technicians License is renewed. This has been resolved What's New 6.1.1196 - 9th March 2016 Windows PE 10 Intel Matrix RAID Drivers The Windows PE rescue media creation process now allows Windows 10 Intel Matrix Complete the message box with detail of the reason or problem you are having together with any error messages.

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You are guaranteed at least one year of free support. These licenses are mainly used by IT support departments of companies and IT organisations. Macrium Reflect v6.3.1665 Date 12th December 2016 What's New 6.3.1665 - 12th December 2016 Windows PE 10 Build 1607 Windows PE 10 has been updated for build 1607 and includes BitLocker

This has been resolved by using the numeric date. This has been resolved. Article has been viewed 16,312 times. Macrium Reflect Windows 10 Limiting write access can be useful for protecting against RansomWare ReDeploy Improvements ReDeploy improvements to handle windows 8/10 driver boot time optimizer.

VBScript and PowerShell scheduled task 'Conflict' logic not working correctly Scheduled backups using script files could incorrectly be flagged as causing a 'conflict' and not run when tasks executions were programmatically Macrium Reflect Free See this KB article for more information File & Folder Logs All columns are now sortable in the 'Files backed up' log report in the log view. This has been resolved. Windows PE network logon Error messages for a failed logon attempts were truncated in the logon dialog.

This has been resolved. Macrium Reflect Vs Acronis This has been resolved. What's New 6.0.541 - 20th March 2015 Improved RDR and RDC efficiency Rapid Delta Restore and Clone functionality is now faster when performing 'Looking for changes' Bug Fixes: Microsoft Exchange Backup This has been resolved.

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What's New 6.1.909 - 3rd November 2015 German language support for Macrium Reflect Free Edition For Windows installations using German locales a new option to install Macrium Reflect in the German This has been resolved. Macrium Reflect Key Serial This has been resolved. Macrium Reflect 6 License Key Bug Fixes Backup Shutdown Issue A rare timing issue could cause a crash when Windows shutdown was invoked at the end of a backup.

There have been two recent changes to purchasing a new Technicians License: When purchasing a new Technicians license you now get supplied a v5 Server edition license of Macrium Reflect with this content This has been resolved. There are 4 parts to this article, click on the appropriate link: Support, Updates and Upgrades for v4 & v5 editions of Macrium Reflect Clarifying the License Duration and Support for This has been resolved. Macrium Reflect Review

This has been resolved. Please see this KB article Bug Fixes Automatic restore not detecting Windows PE 10 boot menu When restorng a Windows system drive, the presence of the Windows 10 boot menu was Please re-create your rescue media to apply this fix in Windows PE. weblink To see a range of YouTube videos on using Macrium Reflect click here.

Rescue Media Drivers A rare issue was reported with Broadcom Network drivers not being handled correctly. Macrium Reflect Offline Installer What's New 6.1.865 - 12th October 2015 For detailed information on new features of v6.1 please see this KB article Delta Indexes for Incremental Images More efficient Incremental index storage offers Desktop shortcut prompt for backup type You can now create a desktop shortcut for an xml backup definition that prompts for backup type (Full, Diff or Inc).

To enable, set the following registry entry: Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\macrium\reflect\Settings Name: DeleteNetworkConnection Type: DWORD Value: 1 Bug Fixes $PROMPT$ - Prompt for password When using $PROMPT$ to prompt for a backup password

When requesting support please quote your latest valid license key where possible. Windows PE trial could expire For trial users, the Windows PE rescue media could expire. To maintain support after this time you are required to upgrade to the latest version of Macrium Reflect (currently version 5). Macrium Redeploy This has been resolved.

Microsoft Exchange retention rules MS Exchange backups may not run the retention and consolidation rules specified in the backup definition. This has been resolved. This has been resolved. http://easylinkr.com/macrium-reflect/macrium-6-free-being-pushed-as-an-update.php Windows PE 10 drive letter assignments Windows PE could assign different drive letters to the host Windows OS.

Bug Fixes Auto decryption of multiple BitLockered drives in PE An issue was reported where some BitLockered volumes were not being unlocked in Windows PE. You will need access to a computer that is connected to the Internet and a device to copy files to the target PC. 1. This has been resolved. Auto verification of Delta Incremental Index Images A program error could occur when auto-verifying Delta Incremental Index Images at the end of a backup.

Email Article Print Article Bookmark Article Social Bookmarks... German language support For Windows installations using German locales a new option to install Macrium Reflect in the German language is now offered in the full installer for Home, Workstation, Server There has been no downgrading of support, we pride ourselves on the support given. Note: This step is not necessary for the Free or Trial Editions of Macrium Reflect.

This has been resolved. This will be made available for the free edition soon. Offline installation of your purchased license. Please go here for the latest information.

This has been resolved Server Plus - Email export problem If an email had no subject, Reflect was previously unable to export it to EML or MSG file. Macrium offer excellent functionality and we’re very pleased with our purchase!"The Saw Centre “Access to recoverable data takes only 2 minutes now compared to 30 minutes with previous supplier’s tape based To enable, set the following registry entry: Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\macrium\reflect\Settings Name: DeleteNetworkConnection Type: DWORD Value: 1 Bug Fixes $PROMPT$ - Prompt for password When using $PROMPT$ to prompt for a backup password This has been resolved.

Many problems can be solved by finding solutions within the Forum, Knowledge base (KB) Tutorials, Help Tutorials and YouTube videos; these are instant solutions rather than wait for Macrium Support to Image Restore More resource efficient memory model has been implemented for partitions larger than 32TB Network Share Validation When creating a backup to a network share, Reflect will now reject an This has been resolved and restarting reflect restores the original position. All rights reserved Macrium Reflect v6.2.1502 Date 11th August 2016 Bug Fixes 6.2.1502 - 11th August 2016 Windows 10 UEFI DVD/CD UEFI boot problems Windows 10 DVD/CD rescue media was

File system issue after repeated Rapid Delta Restores Orphaned NTFS Master File Table records could cause an incomplete restore.