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Start Menu 8. Like Start8 But Free (and Arguably Better)


If MS doesn't start listening to its consumers and fixes 8 fast, offering a user-chooseable setting for tablet or for dektop, it will cause a fail worse than Vista. On the other hand even people (like me) who already saw the Start menu as dated & in need of an overhaul may find Microsoft's alternatives unacceptably weak & poorly designed. I sincerily can't understand why Windows 8 U.I can adapt itself depending of the P.C. people should learn to accept change. navigate to this website

Likewise it makes less & less sense for interface improvements to be limited to new OS versions. You bet. It includes skins that can mimic the Windows 7/Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000/98 start menus and is extremely configurable. There is just such a way out there, which seems to have no adverse side-effects, nor should it.

Iobit Startmenu8

Latest user comments PSA: Windows Vista support ends in AprilKillerBug @ 20Mar201710:59 Microsoft will let users test apps before installingKillerBug @ 20Mar201710:45 Court orders ISP to identify 5,300 alleged piratesJemborg @ has always been harshly criticized for not being a technology company and lagging behind Google. You pissed of the early adopters and now you are going to add less tech savvy people to the pool. My studio machine runs dual monitors.

Go with the times: competition, free choice = good; monopoly, closed source, dictatorial attitude = bad!! In fact if you have an Object Desktop subscription it doesn't even cost you any extra. I suppose we can anticipate that Microsoft will provide even less support with Windows 8, i.e. Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement It's what most people in my line of work have been doing anyway.

Don't bash it till you have tried it. Start Menu Replacement Windows 10 We need to stop empowering the dim-witted, in my opinion. Login or register to post comments tinkererguy on Jan 7, 2013 Focusing on the implementation side instead of the philosophical side of this dialogue for a moment, I've found that for Copyright SOFTONIC INTERNACIONAL S.A. © 1997-2016 - All rights reserved Advertisement We use own and third party cookies to improve our services and your experience.

Of all the UI enhancements I've ever used, which is more than I can remember, Classic Shell is far & away the most impressive. Ex7forw8 An XBOX tablet accessing the XBOX store, running XBOX apps on an XBOX UI would sell a lot more than Surface... I think it's fantastic on both. You can try living without the Start button and customizing your Start screen – it’s very possible to get by without the Start button and some people seem to prefer the

Start Menu Replacement Windows 10

Killer Interview Question: If You Could Start Over, What Would You Do Differently? Go Here Login or register to post comments Advertisement naomi20 on Apr 25, 2013 I'm not dim-witted or simple minded. Iobit Startmenu8 It was literally the last Start8 option I tested & also the most original. Start Menu Replacement Windows 7 I hope Microsoft can see to it to fix this oversight with the interface on a PC. --pcdtv-- 811.11.2012 11:32 KillerBugSend private message to this user AfterDawn Addict Originally posted by

It might not be free anymore, but it's so worth the $4.24 I paid for it. http://easylinkr.com/start-menu/hp-s-substitute-start-menu.php Login or register to post comments timiteh on Jan 6, 2013 I find it quite annoying that such software is needed. Personally, I have figured out a simple methodology and, so far, everyone (including my wife) that I've demonstrated the essential aspects of Windows 8 to has taken to it pretty well. Maybe you’re looking for a Word document that contains the phrase, or a piece of music categorized with something including the phrase.

And that makes my test of Start8’s search so revealing Windows 8.1 Start Menu Replacement

Cynical, but I presume this is the basis for their insistance everyone be compelled to use Metro, regardless whether desktop PC or tablet. The problem with these is they are screw up programs or even screw up windows itself causing more problems. If MS wants growth from a closed system they should be using XBOX...not the PC. my review here I am convinced that neither Microsoft nor developers have fully exploited live tiles and hubs.

When you mouse over the lower-left corner hotspot the start window appears. Pokey Vs Why not just a simple dialog on setting up a new PC or installing the upgrade: "I see you have a non-touch device. Reply 0 thesorehead @TSH Aug 27, 2012, 9:22am Ever since Vista, I've basically used the Start menu by hitting "Windows" and typing my desired program or destination, so I agree that

This time, though, they have taken out the Start menu but haven't really replaced it with anything - at least not in the same UI.

Desktops, otoh, are unconcerned with both battery life and portability. In fact I have a HTPC and Metro is fine on that single screen use. I see no indication that this will *ever* be the case. Finalbird I have been using it since a couple of days after the update.

Classic Shell has been around since 2009, is extremely stable and adds back valuable features to Windows 7/8/Vista. Options for customizing it, beyond what Microsoft offered in Windows 7, are pretty much limited to cosmetic changes, & even those are extremely limited. The future of computing, indeed!! http://easylinkr.com/start-menu/start-menu.php The app does make it a little difficult to access the Metro UI, if you do want to flip over to it.

There will probably be many ways to make this work, and I’m still hopeful that Microsoft will see the light and make this an optional but native capability of Windows 8 While a lot of people naturally gravitate to free software for obvious reasons, others feel just as compelled to stick with payware. To comment on this article and other PCWorld content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed. Unlike Classic Shell, Start8 isn’t free – while there’s a 30-day free trial, you’ll have to pay $5 if you want to use Start8 long-term.

Also, I completely disagree with Paul and others who believe that the Desktop interface will be gone in a couple of years. What a silly thing to say. ctrl,alt,del Afraid if I lose (close)Windows Explore I'll be completely lockout. Regar video help | post reply | read more how do you find the programs like the old way under the start menu location: microsoft.com - date: May 8, 2013 How

Let us know which one you like best in the comments below! This was a tiled interface in which windows could not overlap at all. I'm personally lovin' this game and wanted an orb to match my WD wallpaper.. :) It's got a transparent background except for inside the hacking circle thing.. We speak of two different markets here and Microsoft had better catch on to the reality of that.

Ecobee3 vs. Our "Never Mind The Valley" series challenges perceptions about locations for startups, and "entrepreneurial density" is an intriguing topic for VCs and entrepreneurs alike.Think you live in a startup hotspot? BUT, last week Paul recommended Classic Shell. OTOH, the desktop design paradigm as a form factor has remained steady and ever-increasing over the last three decades.

Forum Today's Posts FAQ Community Albums Tutorials What's New? Nozy Login or register to post comments ScubaDog2008 on Jan 6, 2013 I have a home music & video podcasting studio, and I run Windows 8 on it as well as Start8 makes up for this little omission by including WinRT (“Metro”) apps among its list of most frequently accessed programs; and you can pin one of these frequent apps to Start8’s