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Modern UI Search getting stuck

Moving Contacts from Windows Contacts into People App

moving mail from vista

Metro Applications disappearing when opened.

Missing sound in speakers after a few videos.

Move XP 64 VM from non-bootable Win 7 64 to win 8

Missing Start Button Workaround

Metro interface fonts not crisp

Microsoft office outlook 10 User tile

Modify the Start Screen (Please)

Mouse settings not saving; changed back after reboot

Lost USB ports after Win 8.1 update can't log in

More Second Screen Issues (Second Screen Default Settings)

most metro apps not loading

Move Taskbar clock

Moving folders broke Metro

Mouse disapears then windows crashes/freezes

Metro apps no longer loading

microsoft store apps were installed can't see or find them

Multiple problems on Windows Setup

MTP driver apparently OK but not in explorer

Multiple BSOD on my Pc

Multiple accounts on same Win8 machine - questions

Move SoftwareDistribution by junction command

Multiple Windows Operating System Issue

Multiple monitors - task doesn't move between taskbars

Mobile connects to Windows 10 Hotspot but NO Access

Mail & People Apps Messed UP!

Missing msflxgrd.ocx file

my alt+f4 and refreshing shortcut f5 is not working

Moved HDD with Windows 8.1 to new CPU/MOBO. Now no boot.

Microsoft needs to open up the calendar app

Multiple instances of the same printer

Msi laptop BSOD when using chrome/Systemserviceexception

Modifying start screen

My computer not sleeping

multiple C-drive entries in my navigatioon pane

Multiple instances of one printer

My Boot up has become very Slow since Windows Updates.

Multiple random BSODs - Windows 10

Migrating from RAID to SSD and switching to AHCI

MS potential strategy.Have BOTH Win 7 and Win 8 available for PCs

Missing GWX Icon

My laptop freezes whenever I click something.

Missing MSR partition after clean install.

must i have 8.1 installed in order to get Win. 10

Music folder on W10

MSConfig locked on selective startup.

My Alienware 14 problems

MSI GE70 runs Windows 8 randomly sends me to desktop

My Mini Win 8 Review as a desktop user

Need an .iso to do a clean reinstall

move WIN button on start screen to top-right

Mystery D: drive is blank

My non-working APPS fixed without a Refresh!

My Windows Upgrade Assistant gives me only 1 option.

My internet connection will not support 8.1 download

Missing efi files

must wake from sleep twice after win 8 upgrade from win 7

Mouse pointer freezing/stutter on desktop

My power plan keeps on changing to High Performance

multiple desktops

My Start button (& the Show desktop button) disappeared !

Mouse problems in Metro Style Apps

My computer Crashes on the metro screen upon start up!

Need help w/Windows 8 - text replaced by symbols!

My Metro apps got black screen and glitches.

Moving tiles in windows 8/8.1 up and down issue

Multiple BSOD erros. Random times.

my bluetooth adapter don't start

My next Windows 8 test box

My Bluetooth Mouse wont Pair. Heck it wont even show up!

Metro Applications and PC Settings don't start after click

Need Admin Permission after upgrade.

My wives account has disappeared of another computer.

Need an Image Viewer with "Scroll to Zoom" feature

MUST i upgrade to Windows 10

Need Help With Scripting The Recovery Image Process

My screen seems to keep reloading

Must troubleshoot Windows Update after EVERY restart

My Windows 10 Desktop Computer and new Windows 10 Tablet

multi core support in windows 8 preview

Need help creating a recovery drive.

My experience uploading Windows 8.1 with profiles issues

My Bluetooth ON/OFF Toogle switch has disappeared.

Network Adapter Crashing

Need to learn about win recovery

Need to downgrade windows 8 non-pro that was preinstalled

My computer seems to be rejecting Windows 8.1 free update

my windows 8.1 pro stopped playing any sounds

Need Help. Windows 8 fails on Windows Update

My Intel machine crashes freqently

My user account changed to an hotmail-email account connec

Need help changing Username I input during Installation

My logic behind Microsoft's controversial decision: Removal of Start

My Windows Key doesn't work


Missing Programs

Msi gt70 onc - bsod

Need to upgrade with key only.

My Ethernet never responds to my Wi-Fi hosted network.

Need Help About Windows 8 Backup And Restore

Need to manually change 2nd monitor resolution

New crash on Win 8.1 on Asus P9X79 Deluxe

Need win8 long enough to install win10 - can't find my key

New Dell W8 Laptop- Slow boot time

New computer gets BSoD too often

Needing help with HomeGroup

New laptop.Updates failed.

new laptop speakers out control

Network Usage app show false data

Need help with my start menu! URGENT!

New laptop with preinstalled AntiVirus-should I remove it

My right click menu will not stay open in Windows Explorer

network adapter problems with my win8 upgrade

New build keeps crashing when waking from sleep.

network icon freeze

Networking with Win 8 and Win XP

my e-mail address in my Welcome screen

Network Adapter won't enable on laptop

Need Help with System32 File Access Permissions (I think)


Network Connection Problems

Network Connection Fails to Connect on Start up Randomly

New Laptop with OS 8 multi problems out the gate.

New mobo + ssd

Network driver problem

Needing Solitaire for Traditional Desktop

Multiple Standard User Accounts & APP Access Issues

Need windows 8.1 to STOP auto-rotating my photos

Need help with admin rights.

Need to force full shutdown of Windows 8 instead of hibern

New user without email address

New to SSDs: best practices for Win8 optimization

New Windows 8 Boot Menu Not Working!

new user. chrome icon doesn't connect me to internet

Network Adapter problem

new to windows need help

NAS not sharing!

Need to retrieve Program Files (x86) after system restore.

No ENGLISH language in my Control panel>Languages>add new

Need to recover windows 8 from windows 10 Help!

No drivers recognized in new windows 8 install on SSD!

Netwok connection issues. No LAN or WiFi

New Windows Update

No GWX Icon

No connection is found or driver HELP

My Windows 8 PC Wakes Up From Sleep With Wake Up Disabled

Network adapter is operating properly but won't connect.

No sound after installing audio drivers

No Sound in Videos - No changes Made to Laptop

No Log in Screen; unable to proceed further

No option to login through pincode

No sound after upgrading to Windows 8 Pro

New PC with Windows 8.1 blury text can't fix

No option to enable system protection for files

New Windows Updates

Newly restored Windows 8.1 64 bit w/ high CPU / RAM usage

New to EightForums

No On TV Display While Installing Windows 10

New egg has a version of Windows pro

My computer doesn't stay asleep

Not getting into desktop from my start screen

No Option Bar in Start Screen

No Mapped drive showing in Windows 8.1 Pro

nice upgrades to Microsoft Solitaire Collection!

No internet through ethernet after installing Bluetooth


No Audio or Sounds from Speakers after upgade to Windows 8

Not sure if this is a Windows 8 Problem

No sound windows 7 - restored to 8.1 - still no sound.

Nothing works in Start button's right click menu

No Screensaver after upgrading to Windows 8. just go's Blank

no Icons on the All Apps page

ntoskrnl.exe causing all kinds of problem for me

No on/off slider for Bluetooth on my desktop PC

No windows logon sound

no wifi after update

ntoskrnl.exe/rzpmgrk.sys BSOD

not sure this is a windows 8 matter!

No audio and internet connectivity after AVG update

New Windows Update KB297354

no wi-fi connection on windows 10

No sound after latest updates

Ntfs bsod

no wifi access after update

No taskbar nor metro view

ntoskrnl.exe use about 10Gbyte ram - why

No low battery level warning message since windows 8

New annoying bug with new Theme engine and the taskbar

No BDOS but constant crashes and boot problems

OblyTile+Network Icon

New Windows Updates today

no automatic connection(pppoe) at startup

Nonsense display in new 8.1 Explorer tree

New Workstation monitor Restarting issue.

Not receiving the notification to reserve Windows 10

No Bluetooth on Device Manager or PC and devices

no audio over hdmi without rebooting.

Often when I move a window all other windows are minimize

nvlddmkm.sys windows 8 before showing icons

OblyTile Problem

Office upgrade problem

New Notification Icons To "Show Icon And Notifications"

No Win Update and User Accounts panels

OneDrive uninstalled but some programs still expect it

Odd Issue with Needing to Restart Windows After Sleeping

Onedrive tray icon bug

Office no longer works

New PC Activation Lost

often suspend windows

Odd 'Desktop' tile on start screen

No Sound After Instillation

One Drive on new 8.1 pc was working. Now won't verify.

Not Letting Me Activate Windows

Numerous random issues with Windows 8.1 after rebuilding

NumLock on Startup with Windows 8.1 Upgrade

Not allowing shrink volume over 6GB

OneDrive will not restart syncing after downgrade to Win 8

Old HP Printer issues

OneDrive Windows 8.1 sync doesn't work

Odd problem when setting default option for image files

Old game install on 64bit incompability

Only default user name is appearing in login screen

Optimisation not available

No ribbon in File Explorer

optimization not available

OneDrive Screw Up

OblyTile is not working

OblyTile not working

Original Crysis 1 not launching

Original Start Screen Metro Apps Kaput

No clock or notification icons after reinstall

Not booting in dual mode.

On-Screen Keyboard Should Come Up Automatically

OS Wont start after failed computer restore

online installation or CD from a retailer

OneDrive syncing problems : wtf can I do now

optimize defrag

Opening the menu containing the Taskbar

Not being able to set up Windows Account and Crashing Apps

Not able to add my Outlook E-Mail account to Windows Mail

Opening a folder with lot of files(>2000) takes time

Only have elevated adminstrator login

Password box on login screen won't show.Can't accesslaptop

Oversized pin and cross icons on taskbar

Optimize Drives - drives not defragmenting properly

outlook 2007 address book doesnt work after win 8 upgrade

Need to Upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 7 for work.

Numerous BSOD on new machine running 8.1 MEMORY_MANAGEMENT

OS Boot Information option

Numlock - silly little error

Pc keep restarting when the setup interrupted.

Paid apps usable by all users

PC keeps reverting back to Window 8 Recovery

Only the guest account available. No admin account showing

onscreen keyboard is too small for use.

PC not going to sleep after waking up for maintenance

pc crashes before login

Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area. ntoskrnl

PC freezes frequently upon Search

Password/PIN issues

PC suddenly takes forever to boot up.

Peerblock would not load at startup

One of my programs will not totally work using windows 8

People and Mail Apps will no longer launch.

Pc running slow after windows 10 upgrade.

Non-Admin Standard User Able to Reset PC

one drive showing error on every boot

Old Problem New User- Forgot Local User Account Password

OneDrive file storage keeps disabling

People App crashing

PC Sleeps then it goes 2 lockscreen and requires password

Oveclocked CPU not shown in Windows 8.1 Systems Properties

New Windows - Old good printer

Offline GPS app for my windows 8.1 tablet

P2P (Peer to peer) game problem after Windows Update.

Others now unable to open emails made from Word '10.

Photo App Crash

Personalize & Screen Resolution error. Windows cannot find

Optimize drives doesn't open

Outlook Express POP emails to windows 8.1 mail import

Personalize menu completely gone.

Perfect way to Fix the start button

PC reset

Pc wont sleep after streaming

Over 25 failed attempts of win 10 pro

Option to show metro apps in taskbar missing

Photo App: Skydrive folders displaying in random order.

Onedrive tray icon error.

PC info crashes because of KB2871389 update

PC just FORCED Windows 8.1. Now What

People App Opens then Crashes to Desktop

Pc restarts while creating PPPOE connection

Permanent Windows 10 Update Window

Partitions - How many can you have and how safe are they

Open with->Look for another app on this PC not working

PE4 wcp pe boot media - working fine

People App Crashes

Performace hit with Hyper V installed

Photo App Problem

Pink border around apps

PC Refresh and Reset Stuck

Periodic freezes that can happen in several programs

Playing videos shifts screen to left. !

Passwords not synced on new Surface 3.

Play back issue with legacy drivers

PC wakes up on its own

PC Freezing When Hovering Over Start Menu Button

PC won't go to sleep

PC tweak up suggestions before creating backup image.

OS calculator size

Photo App and other Metro apps will not launch

People App not working with Google Contacts.

player sounds disabled / system sound is ok

Permanently get rid of low resolution startup

Personalization screen

Options Missing from Power Options Advanced Settings

Pc crashed

Partitioning UEFI enabled system for clean install

Phantom icon in taskbar when cyclying through Desktop backgrounds

Please MS consider this activation method for Windows to go APPS.

PC keep asking password on wake-up despite changing it

pc switching to desktop when i open apps

Pin to start r remove apps not working in start menu


Pinned apps in taskbar - Keep to the left of open windows

People App and Gmail

Offline installation of an app from the Store

Prevent store app install (skype

Photo App Crashing

Pin a .jar to the taskbar (read post for specifics)

PC wont boot after trying to downgrade to Windows 7

Prevent Taskbar Popups and Flashing etc

Preview Pane not showing full picture

Power Plans not working on reinstall

Possibility of retail copy of Windows 8 on TWO machines

Printer and driver issues

Place start tiles anywhere

Original windows 8 images files

Print queue won't remove a job that's "deleting"

Preventing automatic driver update

Photo's in window 8

Power died in middle 8.1 installation

Printing problem after Win 8 PC added to network

Power button in systray

Power fail during upgrade assistant

Possible Installation/Upgrade Options

Pictures shared between Windows 7 PC

Presets etc for Radeon 6670 Being LOST by 8.1 Why Fix

Please help - Completely stuck with Windows 8 installation

Power plan settings automatically changing back to default

Pro or Enterprise

Problem after upgrading to Windows 8

Please help solve constant disk access

Pixelated/blurry fonts in metro interface/apps

Perform a Windows Update NOW!

Power options missing

Prevent password locking when monitor turns off

Powershell and Monitor as 125% or 150%

Privacy; PC Custom Functionality

Please Help - BSOS & DPC_Watchdog_violation

Possible solution for metro apps crashing at launch.

Power options revert

PPPoE connections on W8.1 - would a tutorial be worth it

Problem with File explorer

Problem with Windows 8 Photos App

Problem with some large updates

Problem with Sound Driver

Printer Driver Broken

problem in windows 8 search

Problem with backup system image

Problem with October 13th Updates

Pinned shortcuts stops working on Win 8 start menu

Problem finding/removing non-compatible program in upgrade

possible way to set default view system wide

People App turn live tile on not working

Power Issues after Windows 8 Upgrade

Preview to Final install

Problem with Homegroup

Problem with the internet driver.

Power plan settings keeps on reverting back after restart

Problem with Product key on Laptop

Problem Installing Quicktime 7

Problem with sound settings

Program in start-up folder doesn't start.

Problem setting up new windows 8.1 computer

Prompt to Install Windows 8.1 Will NOT Gow Away!

programs hang for 10 sec' when opening a folder

Proper way to install Windows 8 over an illegal Windows 7

Programs moving mouse to prompts

Power_state_failure. BSOD waking up computer

Put your own image in Start Screen Background

Program not running at startup

Properties option in menus not doing anything

Programs not installing

Purchased used computer - changing settings help

Problem With Bitlocker

Purposely Interrupting Windows 8 Reset

Programs uninstalled after Windows 8.1 Update

Program's window won't hold its resize

Problem with Bluetooth disappeared after BSOD

portable applications problems

Problem with networking between W-8.1 computer & W-10

problems with setting up my own windows recovery partition

Programs Won't Install

Purchased Apps not appearing in start menu

Problems after installing Windows 8 updates.

Problem with Ethernet

Problems installing developer preview in Virtual Box

Programs disaapear with no warning

Problem on installation windows 8

Power Save when screensaver is running

Problem Installing Windows 10 From windows ~BT folder

Proper Shutdown hold "Shift"


Problem with Windows 2010/Windows 8

Problem downgrading to windows 7

Problem found while upgrading with media pack to WIN 8 Pro

Random Collection of BSODs. Please help

problem with ati 5650 hd windows 8.1 update 1 no compatibl

Problem:Multiple taskbar on same screen using dual screens

random BSOD and hanging after refreshing my laptop.

Product key question

Programs for tweaking and customization

Random BSOD at random times

Program and Other Compatibility Findings in Win 8 Customaer Preview!

Random BSOD - Asus K55VJ

Random crashes (freezes) on my new computer

Question about the Refresh My PC option

Query on transferring Windows 8 Update to new PC

Programme won't start on boot.

Random BSOD or freeze

Program Windows Scaled up & Pixelated

Quickly switch between desktop modes

Random BSOD Crashes

Problem updating my new computer with Windows 8.

Random crashing and freezing.

Problem with Homegroup listing in File Explorer

Random BSOD crash

Pro Upgrade - what if I want to re-install

Question | i want to merge programs with win 8 iso file

Question about Logitech Setpoint with Win 8

Programs not opening on startup

Problem with homegroup configration


Problem with windows activation

Quicker Way to Copy/Move but Keep Both Files

Problem during installing updates

Random BSOD error 0x00000139

Problems updating because of UltraUXThemePatcher

Random Memory Dump Crash Issues

problems with the screensaver

random crash/BSoD

Question regarding reinstallation and partitions

Random Freezing

Problems with brightness adjustments

Random crashes even after re-installation of OS

Question regarding open wifi warning on Windows

Random freeze - tried different options

Program in Startup folder do not get started

Random "atikmpag.sys" BSODs every few days out of Sleep

Questions regarding Windows 10; Upgrade or fresh install

Random series of BSOD on new computer

Random NON-BSOD crashes

Programs requiring product keys after switching HDD to SSD

Random BSOD and restart with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Professional Upgrade Product Key

Random freezes. Every program and app is unresponsive

Profile Missing Corrupted after logging into my MS Account

Random reboot while computer is idle.

Program File links for apps

recovery drive

Question on running repair installs

Problem booting with AHCI instead of IDE

RE: Win 8.1 will not complete apps install from MS store

Randomly Blank GUIs in Win 8 desktop

Random BOSD

Recovery image index: 0

Random Freezes - Kernel Power Error 41

Problems with Metro apps

random non BSOD crashes with just browser/nothing running

Random freezing - 'Reset to device

Programs wont autoboot anymore

Re-Activating Windows 8.1 Pro (full) with an OEM Licence

Realtek HD Audio Driver stops working when comp sleeps.


Reallly slow boot time fixed buy why

Region Problems: Language list empty

Realtek HD Audio Driver(Windows 8.1 version) Issue

Questions about upgrading to windows 10

Realtek Audio Manager Driver Turns Off After a While

Really ugly fonts at native resolution.

Refresh unsuccessful

Realtek HD Audio stopped working after I upgraded Windows

Realtek HD Audio driver going crazy

Reduce Indexing

Reduce time for windows to automatically install

Random BSOD (Driver IRQL not less or equal)

Re-Enable OneDrive having disabled it in regedit

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