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How do I get back the WinXP and Win7 Menu bar

How do i install Win7 on a Preinstalled Win8 laptop

How modify Start Menu commands & also show Recent programs

How to dual-boot Windows 8 with existing Windows 7.

How do you get this Windows

How to downgrade UEFI W8 laptop to W7

How does Win8 privacy/"phoning home" compare to Win7

how to copy and delete on c:\ windows 8

how to disable transparency

How to Enable last user logged on and other user

How to disable transparency from title bar and borders

How to give admin permission to limited user

How to Make Windows recovery in laptop's own hardisk.

how can i delete the windows install files on thumb drive

How TO Get To Safe Mode for Networking When F8 fails

How to customise the start folder for programs

how to enable administrator with user permissions

how to delete windows 7 loader from dual boot selection screen

How to re-create Windows Explorer "Favorites"

How to Change Network Drive Password

How to get past "last user" logged on screen.

How to remove "Gadgets" from desktop right-click menu.

How to change icons in Win 8 64bit

how to add windows update in windows 8.1 installer disc

How to Install Win7 Along Side Factory Installed Win8

How to delete cache and temporary data in WinSxS

How to avoid the repeated reminder on my PC screen

How to Stop Windows from Changing Themes.

How to stop Windows 7 being automatically updated

How to install Windows 8.1 on Windows 7 without data loss

HP Compaq CQ2924EA Desktop 8.1 Upgrade Issue

how to save win 8 installtion copy for future

i h8 win 8

How to update a non-genuine W7 with a legit W8

How to manually Remove Win7 Gadgets in Win8

I altered a windows theme and now I can't access my laptop

I Need Some Guidance With A Windows Update

I changed the logon screen wallpaper

I can't get Windows Updates to Install

If I want to wipe Windows 8 Which Version of Windows 7

Install win 8 Pro on win 7 Pro Desktop with EFI partition

HP Pavilion dv6-6110us No sound without Headphones

Install any version of Windows 8 from one disk

Installation - Can't connect to internet

Installed XP on separate partition

installing windows 7 with windows 8 preinstalled

Install Windows 8 with 256MB RAM

in the boot drive repair command line how to make it work.

Installed Drivers won't recognize or work.

Inquiry on Windows 7 UPGRADE TO Windows 8

Installation fails after first step

Install Win7 as Dual-Boot on Existing Win8 Laptop

I use a regular PC - any reason I should consider Win8

Installing Windows 7

Inactive Window Appearance.

HP 2000 Laptop Windows Installation Help!

Intel 82865g

Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family Driver

Install Windows 8 onto formatted drive with USB

Install with less then 512 MB

Installing Windows 8 on same HDD as Windows 7

Install windows 7 on my windows 8/ dual boot my windows 8

Install W7 Pro to VHD

Inf Loop after power failure during win7 install/format


Internet + Shut downs hanging

Intel 845 Xp compatiblity mode install Driver problem (XPDM) Help!

Installing Windows 8 with Windows 7 Dual Boot from Flash Drive

Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL chipset Driver problem for windows developer

Is it legal to download a copy of Windows but use a legit-

Is an upgrade from Windows 7 a fresh Windows install

Issues downgrading 8 to 7

Issues with UEFI and booting

Installation Windows 7 after Windows 8

install windows from usb

Is Windows 8.1 faster/lighter than Windows 7

Kernal 41 Error

KB3035583 won't install

Kernrate for Windows 8 64 bit

LAN problem (network drive)

lean OS Install-Windows 7 Ultimate/Home OEM over Windows 8

kernel error 0x8000000000000002 windows 7 i7 gigabyte nvid

Laptop DVD Drive keeps having trouble with disks

Keyboard locks up after logon

Just to be different - Update to W8.1 was a BREEZE

Is customizing the login screen possible

KB 2770816 - can't load drivers

location in registry of selected login screen manager

Leaving XP Pro for Windows 8

Libraries folder is missing from AppData

Little file Search of Parameters PC

Locked desktop until relogin

Locks up when following UEFI win 7 install

Long startup time

Lost my windows 8 pro install CD!

Magnifier problem

Manual update and install for Windows Updates files

Make backup windows 8 format to windows 7 and back to win8

Lost admin rights and cannot download or install anything

log on screen picture

LPR Printer not showing in Printers

Metro Start Screen randomly freezes on restart

Microsoft Universal Server

Migrating from Win7 to Win8 - Dual Drive

Marketplace Vote OEM Win8 Machine

Max incoming connections in Win8

Move boot loader from primary Win7 drive to secd. Win8 drv

Massive issues with new build. (Windows 8.1 x64)

Monitors - Mobile PC Display Won't Initialize

Monitor shuts down when booting windows 8 !

missing CD when dongle in usb on boot up

Mixer volume settings are not saved after reboot

Multiple errors after first restart

Multiple taskbars behind each other after 8.1 update 2

need stronger highlight for active app on win8 taskbar

Need help with windows 7 CD won't boot!

Need help installing win8 on second partition

My computer's Windows UI freezes

My computer stuck on power on self test after Win8.1 insta

Microsoft services are disabled

Need help! Boot problem!

NEW BUILD: What is chief cause of Win7/8 instability

My W8 freeze

N version or not

Networking between XP

My computer is always configuring windows when I start it.

network adapter card driver

Networking Xp to Windows 7/8

Need help copying/modifying default profile.

Network hp windows 8 laptop to windows 7 hp desktop

Need help installing Windows 7 Windows 8 for dual boot

Need Help Please! Freezing on Checking For Update

New user: I just want to see all my programs with one view

NEW option is not working in Drive Options (Advanced)

No Drives Found error for re-installing Windows 8

No sound or mic after upgrade from W7

no right side menus after upgrade from win 7 x64 sp1

Not grouping icons on taskbar

my laptop got dump when shutdow

No Administrator Priviledges

No Longer Boots to Windows - No Restore Media

no response from shut down/restart button

No dual boot menu after installing 8 with win 7 home

No format option on install disk.

No (windows 7) restore program supposedly hidden in W8

New Win8 computer but have a password problem

No boot loader

Need help installing another OS in dual boot with windows8

Of the 8 "optional" updates today for 64-bit 8.1 Pro.

no log in password to use for 'command prompt'

On Windows 7

No Windows Updates

Only way to put Windows 7 or 8 on this HP Laptop

OS Problem -- Windows 7 to 8

Optional Updates Received Yesterday or Today

Only last logged-in user displayed

Old Windows 7 3rd Party Custom Themes Don't Work Windows 8

ntfs.sys X.24 BSOD

overwrite OEM windows with a different version of retail w

Partition with Windows Image and Windows Repair Boot Help

Optical Drive During Installation of Windows 7

No Hyper-V in Windows 8 x86

PC crashes in sleep mode

Permission Problems!

Pictures folder dissappeared from libraries list

No password and username request when sharing between 2 pc

plain win 8 to win 7 ultimate

Poor download speed on Win 8.1 compared to Win 7

Powerstrip alternative for Windows 8.1 x64

Pinned to Taskbar some combine some not

Problem trying to copy files from a Mapped Network Share

Problem! Thumbnail windows in taskbar dissapear

Problems booting windows.

Problem installing Windows Updates after Fresh Install.

Problem sharing a file between Windows 8 and Vista

puter hangs/freezes

putting a search find on the desktop

Purchasing multiple upgrade licenses

Printing from Windows 7 to Windows 8

Problems dual booting windows 8 and windows 7

Problems with windows bootloader in multiboot system

Questions about buying from microsoft directly

Problems mounting a Windows 7 HDD to a Windows 8 laptop.

Problem during Windows 8.1 Installation. No HDD found.

Problems with Window Updates

Random Window Freezing

Question about USB setting in BIOS for installing OS

Really Liking Windows 8

Random BSOD 0x0000007A

Re install using OEM disc

Recovering Data from Old Windows 7 Installation

Recovery disc solve blocked activation

Recent places and jump lists resetting

Random hidden account

Real Solutions to the Winsxs bloat.

Random Kernel data inpage BSOD errors

Regedt32 can't run this app

refresh problem

Repairing Windows.

Resetting Taskbar Icons to Factory Defaults

Repair when windows will not load and no disc

Rename user profile folder

Repair without disc

Rearrange minimized windows of the same program in taskbar

Remove Windows 7 option from start up

Reinstallig genuine Windows that came with the laptop

Remove gadgets on context menu.

registry is corrupted

Reset windows search file types filter to default

Random freezes caused by Windows processes

Replace Explorer.exe without demaging Windows

Restart 8.1 to directly boot to UEFI BIOS

Restrict Local "Users" Group from installing updates

Reverting Indexing Options (File Types) to Default

Reordering rearranging partitions

Running 7 and 8.1 side by side

Run OS off flashdrive

run a CHKDSK /B /X on a HDD

Resume Windows 7 from Hibernate Windows Error Recovery Appear

Removing Netflix From WMC And Adding Online Libraries

Restoring Win 7 files to Win 8

Reinstall without DVD

Rollback to Win 8 with no media (Dell 2720)

SFC/SCannow and DISM Restore health won't work

SFC/scannow log file from tutorial - can't access

search like win7

Should I buy Windows 8 or stick to Windows 7 HP

Sharing external HDDs between Windows 7 and Windows 8

SFC or DISM - Which to Run First

Seemingly Random ntfs.sys BSODs

Several Updates Not Installing


screensaver/logon woes

Several Windows updates fail

Shrink a partition and creating a new one

Show Known File Extensions Reverts to Default

Scheduled Task wakes computer up

shortcut and wscript.exe viruses

SLOW startup.

Slow web when downloading large files after clean install

Slight window transparency issue

Slow booting and freezes because of errors.

Shortcut icon changed

start up is too slow

Slow start up

Spacer Trick Not Working Correctly for Taskbar

START UP - Win 7 vs. Win 8

Startup too slow

Start Up Problem Please Help

Starting and configuring Windows Backup

Strange audio problem in Windows 8 Pro

startup time very slow

Startup gets to Windows logo

startup error

Stuck on checking for updates

Successful Windows 8.1 upgrade- 2nd Attempt 2 months later

Start up menu

Sum1 plz tell me how 2 install windows 7 on a windows 8 pc

sync time at task scheduler

Start up taking forever

System Boot problem

Swapping 7 for 8

system repair disc

System Tray Network Icon Not Working

System loads only Windows processes for 60 seconds on boot

Taskbar Toolbar

Taskbar won't change colour

Taskbar and sleep problems

start up problem

The system is crashing while working again and again. SF is crashing.

system repair disk-installation disk-recovery disk

Taskbar pin Groups not Grouping even though set to always

Themes are not working on this computer

System files accidentally locked

Those Elusive Folders that Aren't in Any Drive!

The minimal Taskbar.

Thinking of going back to Windows 7

Unable to change user at startup login screen

Unable to Install Several "Important" Updates

Unable to Copy Win8 ISO File On USB

trying to install win7 in uefi mode

Two things I have noticed that W8.1 does better than W7

Unable to connect Win8 and Win7 to same Homegroup

trying to dual boot windows 7 on my windows 8 laptop

Unable to install windows update KB318414

Unable to install 4 windows updates error code 80073712

Unable to do system restore at boot after Ntfs error

Unsigned Driver Help

Unable to Install Windows 8.1 from UEFI USB

UEFI Partition Wiped After Windows 7 Installation

Unique Win8 win7 dual boot

Updates won't install on my laptop.

Unable to upgrade from windows 7 64 bit to windows 7 64 bit

Updates won't install with 80073712 error

Upgrade with clean install

Upgrade Win 7 Home Premium to Win 8 Pro - Acer Laptop

Unable to Reinstall Windows From DVD.

Updates just won't download

Upgrade Promo - Can I download now and install later ( before SP1)

Upgraded from Windows 7 to 8.1 Pro

Upgrade Key with Full DVD - will it work

Unable to download Windows 8 updates since December 2013

Update optional on one computer; important on another: why

Unable to set 2 different wallpapers on dual screen setup

Upgrading windows 7 to windows 8 beta with windows 7 recovery partitio

Upgrade from 7 pro 64 bit to 8 pro - nothing kept

USB modem Internet Connection not showing up in Networks

Upgrading Release Candidate to full version

updates after clean install taking literally hours

Username and Userprofile names won't match.

Upgrade Key and Full Install Disc

User accounts and HomeUsers group

User32.dll not found Can't even reinstall windows 8 help!

Using a bit of Ram to speed up startup

using multiple computers under 1 pro key and 2 media keys

Via vn896

VGA Bios & Mainboard Bios Interaction Win7 vs Win8

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