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Two Things I Have Noticed That W8.1 Does Better Than W7


Games want the OS to get out of the way so don't expect speed boost in games, good video drivers and hardware do that. More» uCoz uKit This good-looking website builder offers most everything you could want to create a mobile-friendly,... The biggest change to note is that you can now close Windows 8 applications by moving your mouse into the upper right hand corner of an app; when you do so, Winner: Windows 10 Again, no surprises here; with no penalty in performance and DirectX 12, Windows 10 is an easy choice Search Search has become ever more important in operating systems,

And on the other side, moving the mouse to the top left corner just to get to your browser's Back button doesn't annoyingly show the running apps thumbnails; you have to It's a matter of people not wanting to go through the cost and trouble of upgrading and learning something new when it doesn't give them anything they are going to use. Hit the win button and write "control panel". For the most part, it’s good, it’s solid, and it works. https://www.eightforums.com/general-support/50975-two-things-i-have-noticed-w8-1-does-better-than-w7.html

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8.1 Gaming

I love the ecosystem too. Get a SSD Hard drive, plus win 7 has the aero look unless you like the new win8 boxy look ewww Jancox13 Im using windows 7 right now and I have I'm using my PC mostly for gaming anyone can answer my question ? It wasn’t perfect, especially if you needed to refine your search results, but it was useful enough that we were surprised that Windows 8 abandoned this simultaneous search ability.

Its only a couple MBs, free and just awesome. Anyone have any advice? Pokki and Start Menu Reviver are both two great free solutions to get the job done; you can check them out by clicking here for Pokki and clicking here for Start Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 Comparison Windows 8/8.1 is very innovative and, in Microsoft's favourite phrase, "fast and fluid".

In most cases they will give you a new key if they find the purchase or gift to be legitimate. When I became dissatisfied with the new OS, I plugged in my USB external drive, inserted the boot disk for my backup software, and about 15 minutes later, Win8 was consigned Can't do jack except adding and removing devices. This led to the radically improved touchscreen interface in Windows 8, but it alienated a lot of people as it had so few accommodations for keyboard and mouse users.

Windows 10 is great, especially when compared to its two immediate predecessors, Windows 8.1 and 7, as our blow-by-blow head-to-head comparison shows. Which Windows Is Best For Pc Oh, well, all of the MS Windows 8 haters are in full action mode. Built like a tank because it was so stable. Vitric9Feb 9, 2014, 7:52 AM mbreslin1954 said: Support for Windows XP won't be dropped before April, and it's possible Microsoft will extend support beyond April, stay tuned.

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8.1 Performance

Reply Suzan February 20, 2014 at 11:30 am I would add one thing to your list of steps in installing Win 7 instead of Win 8: If/when it starts to do http://www.windowscentral.com/make-windows-81-more-windows-7 Not to mention the loss of production because everyone has to learn a new way of doing the same job. 0 2 years ago Reply Bert Dupas Microsoft doesn't care about Windows 7 Vs Windows 8.1 Gaming This lets you filter by relevance or date, and can also narrow down your search to specific file types including documents, photos, music and settings. Windows 7 Vs Windows 8.1 Vs Windows 10 There are two problems with Windows 10 (and to a lesser degree, Windows 8 before it).

Peter Oliver It's gonna take another point release to get me to switch. However, the time is right to move on. But still would be nice to add an 'X' to apps in the multitasking pane/sidebar, so I can quickly close several Metro apps. 0 2 years ago Reply wtma Do these max999 I've been using Windows 8.1 Preview since July on a share PC and it has a few small changes but is basically 95% the same as 8.0. Technical Difference Between Windows 7 And Windows 8

And this is on a system with at least 512 MB of system memory. Dev, that's one thing I agree with lol. You know who else bitches about change? Also, should you just get a Core 7 or are Core 5 and 3 acceptable for business. (I run a fairly large tax program during tax season.) Hector Aviles I AM

Dare I say here? ;)), and OneDrive and settings integration are just a must now. Os Needed For The Internet Of Things (iot)? One last word of advice - if you are running Windows 7 on your current PC, then there is no urgency to upgrade the hardware just to run Windows 8…just yet! WillyThePooh Square wheels because in the future, your cars will fly and they don't need round wheels anymore.

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That "tiny" portion made HP start selling laptops with Windows 7 installed, and has almost all PC makers "whining" about people downgrading from 8 to 7. Again- it's Just CODE. I think you can download Windows Live Mail for free, which works with POP3. Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 Performance blog comments powered by Disqus //Most Popular Articles 11 Uses for Your Old Smartphone 7 Forgotten Sega Dreamcast Classics How to KonMari Your Way to a Happier Digital Life Two-Factor Authentication:

This Windows 8.1 Update is primarily intended for them and their needs. Fabien Salomon I have been using every version of windows since 3.1. Older users and productive members of society subscribe to, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," whereas people like you believe if it ain't broke, it should be fixed until it The search feature in the Start menu was so good that I hardly ever looked for any programs in the classic menu again (still, the classic tree of programs gave me

Some didn't work with Windows 7. Crashes.. even Linux is easier to learn, as it has a very similar GUI to win7… WillyThePooh Not "business version" as the name will make those brainless home users not buying it. SuperFetch...

He just doesn't have time to learn a new UI, he only has time to help people and then try to live his life. 0 2 years ago Reply Dude Smith Omer Aslam really awsome review. The difference isn not significant however. On one of the machines I upgraded, for example, Windows Update pops up nicely in Search, while on two others it is impossible to find without going to the Control Panel