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This Window 8.1 Update Is Absurd


Dan I care Dozerman Feels, man. MS actually added new requirements in Windows 8.1. This doesn't excuse the fact that people had been forced into metro to start…and that the only way you could get your version of the OS you start at the desktop Lol! my review here

Rest are not listed at all on the support page. Please try the request again. More importantly, it replaces PC USAGE for EVERYBODY. Yakov G I got the joke.

Windows 8.1 Support End Date

It looks like M$ may get into some legal trouble if they go on messing via the security updates, as some users' time is money and people need their PC/Laptop for The problem before 8.1 and Update 1 is stuff that was there was soon as you went to the start menu was hidden behind charms and settings. So that's good.On the Desktop side of things, the latest update doesn't change much.

Beyond that, what we know about the expected Windows Phone 8.1 feature set is mostly rumor, at least from my perspective. As a matter of fact, I don't know anyone who uses it on a desktop or laptop who hasn't figured it out. Pshaw -- it sounds to me more like some customer-tone-deaf person in the organization has decided to minimize the patching budget by cutting off the company's most recent customers.It's not a Microsoft Windows 8.1 Support Phone Number Seems like that whole mess of typing was contradicted entirely in the short space of a few sentences from the very beginning.

I heard that new features are very useful and user friendly. How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported After Windows 10 Is it normal? Log In or Register to post comments WaltC on Jan 30, 2014 @mjw149 But, suppose there are a few brainy people out there who realize they already have PCs with land-line http://www.infoworld.com/article/2607741/microsoft-windows/microsoft-confirms-it-s-dropping-windows-8-1-support.html In fact, underwear sales (by billions of pairs) outsold cell phones, PCs, and tablets combined last year.

But apparently a lot of people want this ability, so... Windows 10 Update Crashes You can just type and search on Windows 8.x, but a lot of people might not think to do that. TwooggyMay 9, 2014, 12:04 AM Kborch200 said: I had this issue with my Windows 8 computer that I just purchased. In 2013, hardware makers shipped over 1 billion smart phones to customers, far more than the roughly 300 million PCs that shipped in the same time frame. 80 percent of those

How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported After Windows 10

I changed image file associations to open with Irfanview and latter I received a number of irritating messages from Win10 that was resetting every one of those associations back to their https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53503484 The power and search buttons are a welcome addition along with the familiar X to close an app. Windows 8.1 Support End Date I don't have any idea of the numbers, but a lot of home users that just need email and a web browser prefer the comfort of sitting on a couch with Windows 8.1 Problems With Wifi I appreciate that Ballmer stated last year that MS would increase its "Cadence" however, they have a long way to go and the market has swiftly moved away from them.

One has to replace the explorer.exe files to completely overtake the theme looks. this page I then started reinstalling the 10 updates, one at a time. VirtualMark I have to be honest, I actually like Windows 8 now. If these two things could be done I would adopt Windows 8.x. Windows 8.1 Problems And Solutions

A lot of politicians constantly speak "the people speaking out" but a lot of time the "people" are just a handful of activist and people they were able to get riled I still think all apps should have been a tile from the beginning. jonzey231 They're already down…. get redirected here That's like someone telling car companies they should remove all but the basic features from cars just because they don't use them, and the people who want them should pay for

I've never had a problem using after I figured out a couple features.. Windows 10 Support End Date My hdd is missing after Windows 8.1 update! They went from one extreme to the other extreme.

From now on I count you as a hater and a troll.

http://www.cardinalphoto.com David Cardinal FWIW, on the Tablet where I installed the patches, I've lost the ability to show the taskbar with the two-fingered swipe from the bottom. Here are many of the most common... Most probably it will be built over NT 6.x (Longhorn), like it's predecessor. Windows 8.1 Support Number It's just a matter of time, MS sees that, it's why they purchased Nokia.

Download of updates started (some 60 updates!)A totally random hit-or-miss after trying many suggestions from web searches without success. Why would I want to run them in a little (reduced at least) window on the desktop that would assuredly limit their use via touch, when there are already perfectly good Even then the solution might be to run Windows on a mac hardware using bootcamp although that too could be risky as I've personally experienced issues on mac pros where some useful reference While it is not perfect, it generally is a nice stable version of Windows with some nice tweaks and performance boost over Win 7.

There are people who went into an absolute panic when they were forced to remove the IE icon from the desktop. Eric Bryner What does complaining actually do? BTW, if you dig around, there are some "hacks" that allow you to bypass CPU flag checks for updates. There is still an opportunity to take it.

From that point you can go back to the normal windows updater and it should work fine. And two, for perhaps the first time ever, and certainly to this degree, forces external to Microsoft are driving this change. Are there any hints of this change coming in Update 1? So that could me just a scare too.

M$ is merely the supplier of the OS and nothing more to the third party OEM PC/Laptop makers. VirtualMark Again, flawed logic. I think its good that many Linux users complained because it resulted in Microsoft focusing on restoring some of these things for the genuine Windows users that like that method to Windows lovers have found their match in Microsoft.

I brought a new dell xps 13 9350 that came with windows 10 and the first thing I did was format the drive and install windows 7. zeum Still waiting for Win9 before I consider leaving 7. Dan Time traveling device malfunction!