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Microsoft Is Misleading Consumers With Windows 8.1 System


Those Cost Extra Look, this is a completely absurd situation. But that's only if you're using hardware that was contemporaneous with those operating systems. they changed the fine print ... So, try arguing that a team of lawyers who created a document near indecipherable probably even to other lawyers, is somehow a meeting of the minds with Joe Average. weblink

Windows 8 Had a "Personal Use License" Sure, Windows 8 had its problems. In this case, Microsoft was alerted by its team in Australia who was investigating the case of a reseller selling over 500 pieces of fake COAs. But -- surprise! -- they're back to their usual tricks with Windows 8.1. The risk is also very real for businesses as operational disruptions caused by malware and viruses could potentially lead to heavy financial losses for them,” added Jonathan. http://www.howtogeek.com/197232/microsoft-is-misleading-consumers-with-windows-8.1-system-builder-licensing/

Windows 10 Oem Vs Full

If you use Windows 8.1 for business, you better spend the extra money on the retail edition, just to be safe -- and that's what they're counting on. If you had any reservations about it, they were probably cleared up when you heard about the licensing change in Windows 8. It is estimated that governments worldwide could lose more than US$50 billion to deal with the costs associated with malware on pirated software. ”The majority of businesses in the Asia-Pacific region All parties are on equal footing.

Normal people were no longer allowed to use it to build their own PCs, but Microsoft continued selling them like hotcakes to those same people. Originally Posted by Superfly I still think it's ridiculous to expect a system builder to support their customers by having to purchase a retail licence. Brandon LeBlanc, of Microsoft Windows 8.1 now has a more "deep and improved cloud integration" with its online storage service SkyDrive.Microsoft have introduced SkyDrive smart files that users can manage and Windows 8.1 Pro Retail This could be particularly problematic on laptops, where a lack of support for modern power management baked into newer chips could lead to poor battery life.Windows 10 adoption has slowed in

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