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Check the anode(s) periodically to verify that it is securely fastened and has not been eaten away.

Order SBE 4C (for use with a profiling CTD) or SBE 4M (for Enter the calibration coefficients for the new sensor in: the CTD configuration (.con or .xmlcon) file, usingSeasave V7orSBE Data Processing, and (for an instrument with internally stored calibration coefficients) the CTD To remove barnacles,plug the ends of the conductivity cellto prevent the cleaning solution from getting into the cell. Post-cruise calibration results will reveal whether or not water has penetrated the epoxy jacket.

Profiling CTDs: We often have requests from customers to have some way to know if the CTD is out of calibration. If it does not, something is wrong with the cell and it needs to be repaired.

What are the recommended practices for connectors - mating and unmating, cleaning corrosion, and Note: If a Tygon tube attached to the conductivity cell has dried out, yellowed, or become difficult to remove, slice (with a razor knife or blade) and peel the tube off Application Note 57: Connector Care and Cable Installationdescribes the proper care and installation of connectors for Sea-Bird instruments. https://www.eightforums.com/software-apps/45594-temp-sbe.html

Note that some moored sensors (SBE37-SIP,37-SIP-IDO, 37-SMP,37-SMP-IDO,37-SMP-ODO,37-IMP,37-IMP-IDO,37-IMP-ODO) have a recommended orientation because of their u-shaped plumbing configuration. If you leave your computer on for days at a time it can become a huge file that will bog down your system performance, especially if it is on the same She has been tortured by dreams that happened in previous ages hundreds of years ago. See table below for description of each selection: PART # DESCRIPTION NOTES 37SM MicroCAT C and T (pressure optional) Recorder with Serial interface and Memory - Includes mooring clamp, 8 MB

Then soak the entire instrument in white vinegarfor a few minutes.After scraping off the barnacles and marine growth, rinse the instrument well with fresh water. Their pins do not need to be dried before mating. Skip to main content ProductsShop Online Product Selection Guide Model Number List Profiling CTDs Water Samplers Moored / Time Series Instruments Inductive Modem Instruments Shipboard Thermosalinographs Temperature Sensors Conductivity Sensors Pressure This happens everyday on my PC, 2GB's in this folder and no way of deleting them even if i uncheck "Hide Protected System Files " in folder options.

So i assume i am stuck on having it write the 2GB's on my drive, it is not permanent i know. Note that there is still a risk of forming ice inside the conductivity cell if deploying through frazil or pancake ice on the surface, if the freezing point of the salt SBE 3S is a slow response temperature sensor, intended for moored applications. http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/338968-tempsbe/ Wet-pluggable connectors have a non-conducting guide pin to assist pin alignment & require less force to mate, making them easier to mate reliably under dark or cold conditions, compared to XSG/AG

They experience each dream as if it had happened to them earlier, which makes it more and more difficult for them to separate from reality. Similar Threads - Can't Delete TempRec I bought a 2T external hard drive, WinXP Pro can't see it. SBE 4Ms shipped with optional Anti-Foulant Devices for moored applications before 2002 used a smaller anti-foulant device inside Tygon tubing that attached to end of conductivity cell, & did not include This file quickly becomes gigabytes after watching a few hours of TV.

I am 98% sure this is WMC writing these files, before that i thought it was WinTV that i also do have. http://www.sevenforums.com/media-center/150651-temporary-recordings-windows-media-center.html We recommend that you return the CTD to Sea-Bird for recalibration. (In principle, it is possible for calibration to be performed elsewhere, if the calibration facility has the appropriate equipmentandtraining. Conductivity drifts as a change in slope as a result of accumulated fouling that coats the inside of the conductivity cell, reducing the area of the cell and causing an under-reporting If there is a pump on the instrument, it should not be run for extended periods in air.

Anyone has a clue to how to stop it, i saw one thread that said to check here in Registry : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\BackgroundScanner\PeriodicScanEnabled And to make the DWord 0 for disabled What's strange to me is i do not Record Live TV ,never have so far, so why in a folder that is named Recorded TV, if it for pausing live TV Wet-pluggable connectors have a non-conducting guide pin to assist pin alignment & require less force to mate, making them easier to mate reliably under dark or cold conditions, compared to XSG/AG The fate of their lives and their future are in René's and her daughter's hand, as they soon realize that they both possess the abilities of the Chosen One and also

You sent the instrument back with 2 sets of calibration data. Verify the wire jacket O.D. Note: Newer MicroCATs (SMP & IMP with firmware > 4.0, and all IDO & ODO MicroCATs) use a battery pack with a yellow cover plate; the wiring of that pack is This allows for coordination of sampling among many instruments.

Transmissometer — usually do not require recalibration for several years. Replacing Connectors: The main concern when replacing a bulkhead connector is that the o-rings on the connector and end cap must be prepared and installed correctly; if they are not, the By design, water on connector pins is forced out as connector is mated.

Check the conductivity calibration coefficients in the configuration (.con or .xmlcon) file.

Mating and Unmating Connectors: It is important to prepare and mate connectors correctly, both in terms of the costs to repair them and to preserve data quality. The MicroCAT is designed for moorings or other long-duration, fixed-site deployments. I can't seem to find any info on what exactly TMPSBE files are. The best precaution is to keep the sensor indoors or in some shelter out of the cold weather.

What is the function of the zinc anode on some instruments?

See table below for description of each selection: PART # DESCRIPTION NOTES 3S OCEANOGRAPHIC TEMPERATURE SENSOR - 500 ms (Slow) time response, modular sensor (square wave output). However, it is very difficult to know precisely how far a CTD calibration has drifted over time unless you have access to a very sophisticated calibration lab. Microsoft Customer Support Microsoft Community Forums Windows Client   Sign in United States (English) Brasil (Português)Česká republika (Čeština)Deutschland (Deutsch)España (Español)France (Français)Indonesia (Bahasa)Italia (Italiano)România (Română)Türkiye (Türkçe)Россия (Русский)ישראל (עברית)المملكة العربية السعودية (العربية)ไทย (ไทย)대한민국 (한국어)中华人民共和国 In the ocean, some of the biggest factors that impact salinity accuracy are 1) sensor drift from biofouling or surface oils for conductivity in particular and 2) dynamic errors that can

Click "Yes" to continue, and click OK to quit. Files are being written in a hidden folder C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV\TempRec\TempSBE They are as big as 2GB . Loading... Exposure to direct sunlight can also affect the release of anti-foulant; we recommend storage in an opaque container.

Click Classic View and choose Folder Options.3. This is approximately equal to 1-2 parts per million in Salinity error (very small). DO sensor — — SBE 43 — recalibrate once/year, but possibly less often if used only occasionally and stored correctly (seeApplication Note 64), and also depending on the amount of fouling FEATURES Cylindrical flow-through borosilicate glass cell with three internal platinum electrodes.

However, another issue to consider is that this accuracy is defined for a clean, well-mixed calibration bath. We compare the calibration after C & P with the original calibration, not to make any drift analysis, but to make sure we did not drastically alter the cell, or that Useful life varies, depending on several factors.