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Random BSOD 0x00000133 - New PC

RAM usage never more than 80%

Random Explorer.exe APPCRASH

Registry corrupt- how do I repair Win 8 from boot

Realtek AC97 audio driver (not HD driver)

Random BSODs and freezes in windows 8

RecoveryDrive Could Not Start

Regular Maintenance always arms itself again and wakes PC

Random crash/freeze. no BSOD.

Random Crashes (No BSOD) - Event 41

Regular massive memory spike 5 minutes after boot up.

Registry Editor not working. Why

Question about Update installation issue fixes

Program flickering problems.

Remove/Skip Welcome Screen

reinstall on second hard drive -- product key issue

Recurring Hard Disk Errors

Realtek audio issues

Report: Full upgrades to Windows 8 only from Windows 7

Remove boot options from Advanced Startup - Use a device

reset library settings in win 81.

Refresh installation

Reset corrupted powercfg / Battery report stats

Random Minimizing

Reset or Reinstall

Random Crashing Kernel Errors Freezing

Reply from Samsung about drive optimzation a SSD in Win 8

Regular Maintenance Scheduled Task Not Waking Computer

Removing program taskbar context menus

Remove 'Customize' from the hidden icon menu on startbar

Request for help in Taskbar customizing.

Registry problem after WIN 8 upgrade

Release Preview does not work

Removing shared printer over Homegroup

Reserve Windows 10 question

Registering OCX files with Windows 8 to run dated but necessary dbase

Remove Windows 8 from my DELL INSPIRON 1545.

Programs can't access network shares

Random CTDs in games

remove mandatory login at the lockscreen

Repair windows installation maintaining definitions

Removable media and my documents

remove network devices from under "This PC"

Removing Windows 10 Recommended Update from 8.1 Updates

Reset your PC

reinstalling Win 8.1 and OneDrive data from local backup

required files missing cant make a recovery drive

Resetting PC on new SSD drive using Recovery Drive

replace recovery partition in recovery drive

Registry search error

Repairing system with damaged registry

Removing Passwords and Sleep

Registry error when attemting to install program

Removing/Adding Folder From Windows Browser Library

Recorded sounds are auto adjusting. Help!

Remove everything and reinstall Windows takiing too long

Repeated crashes/no wireless connections

Remove City Location in MSN IE 10 - NOT Weather APP in 8

Removing preinstalled Windows on laptop and upgrade steps

Resolution is too small with no option to upscale.

Restart Time

Remove "Clover" from taskbar tab

re-install windows 8 store app

Reset microphone to a new default location

Remove password when opening laptop lid

Return to LOCAL account

Right click on a windows in the taskbar show some big icon

restricting user

Reinstall Metro apps

Remove the ENG language on taskbar

Re-register Music app

Returning Dell Inspiron 15 after downgrading to Windows 7

Repair install after network card change

Restoring/Re-installing Windows Store

Right Click Menu Classic View

Reset PC

Rolling out windows 8 in a cooperate enviorment

restrict software

Resume does not retry on windows 8 RTM Enterprise

S3 Sleep unavailable

Release Preview Installer Not Working

Samsung Q430 laptop crashes BSOD

Restoring windows.old file

Recovering Window 8.1 after Windows 10 Upgrade

Resizeable app windows

Restore procedure says my restore/repair USB disk is no go

RTM to Final / Retail - Easy or reformat

Same apps available to users

Run a program in a sizeable window

Return to Start Menu instead of desktop

Realtek distorted sound

Run Win8 Hyper-V image on Win7 Virtual PC

Repeated BSOD Crashing

Sata Controller Driver missing form Wndows 8 for Acer Aspi

Roll back to Win7

SageThumbs Alternative or Fix

scaling screen smaller then 100% to retain native res

return to old start

Restored my Previous OS from Windows 10 Inside Preview

Screen brigtness will not change! How do i fix

Saving Photo Attachments From Windows 8 Mail App

Screen Flicker After Startup

reset your PC stucks

Scaling on high-resolution screens

retail license upgrade question

Run shortcut when hovering over Desktop region

Screen flashes then mouse becomes unresponsive.

Run as admin loses access to mapped drives

Screen Resolution problem with ATI Radeon HD 4200

searchbox in start

Screen flashing constantly

Searching Windows store gives weird results

Screen flickering after turns back on

screen dimming issue

Screen Saver Keeps Resetting Itself to 10 Mins

Second user takes way too long to sign out or shut down

Restore User Folders to Original Location.

Screen flickers on system notifications and clicking

Search Pane and other blank things when alt tabbing

Screen blinking on and off. gpu problem

Serious Problem with Windows 8

Serious questions for the Windows 8 viability for busines

Searching files is VERY slow

Search from Start Screen

Setting up Homegroup/Workgroup Issues

Separating Similar Windows From Each Other In The Taskbar

Run as different user - no fingerprint option

Running Windows 8 to go

Serious failure and problem with installation

SFC and DISM Fail. Error 0x800f081f

SFC and DISM perpetually damaged files

Screen tiles do not appear automatically

sfc cannot repair & trackpad freezes - brand new ThinkPad

Safe to delete unused Metro apps folders

Serious failure and problem with rebooting

Share to homegroup does not keep the edit permissions

Serious problem after a recent windows update!(10-1-2013)

SFC finds corrupt files. DISM won't fix them.

Separate Scaling for Each Display

Several programs suddenly won't launch or stops working

Sfc /scannow results

SFC can't fix corrupt files and DISM error

Screen underscan (Win8+ATI Radeon 5000)

Several Metro Apps Not Opening

Should I dread MS's new MS account oriented direction.

Share the apps among all users

Severe echo during recording playback

Separate DVD-ROM drives in "This PC"

Set Process Priority permanently in Windows 8

Set up mouse wheel button to bring up start screen

Serious problem with Get Windows 10 App

Select only what I want to keep in Start Screen

SendTo > SendTo - how does it work

Several problems since installing five updates

Shortcut to Start Screen on Desktop

Sharing paid for games/apps between W8 users - Possible

Search does not find certain programs

Separate HD's kept separate

Set Windows password-is 'this' normal when i sign-in

Setup Product Key issues

Show us your SSD performance

Should I upgrade to Windows 10 or not

setting for sensitivity of charm panel

Should I upgrade to Windows 8 for gaming

Search function not listed among apps

Showing printer problem

skip first screen & skip password screen

Share ethernet connection with incoming VPN connections

Simple fix to hide taskbar transparency

Sleep/Hibernate Problems

sign in with PIN

Setting PPPOE connection to autodial on startup

shorcut to access home panel (modern ui) from desktop

Shuffle Photos Live Tile

Several updates with failure

Shortcut icons have gray X's

Sleep not an option for Lid close action on Windows 8.

Sleep to Hibernate -- Issue

Sleep without Signing Off

Shutdown Hang and WiFi problem

Sharpkeys and Keytweak-For the on-screen tablet keyboard

Should I use windows 8.1 or stick with windows 7

Simultaneous audio fron Windows 8: possible

Show notifications from these apps

Search Function not working-Services (local) says STOPPING

Sharing files from Vista to Windows 8

Should I upgrade to Windows 8 or just stick with Windows 7

Skydrive Settings Option

Skype for Desktop vs Skype Modern App

Several BSOD

SFC found corrupted files.

Should I Upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate

Should I upgrade to Windows 8

Slow reboot time

Skype in Windows 8.1 - Return to classic peformance

Sleep Button Missing From Start & Settings

so i need to install antimalware or internet sec with mse

side icons sometimes does not work

Slight embuggerance on the login screen for CP

Searching for "~" crashes computer

Shutdown shortcut does not work

Skydrive Sync HOST constantly ACTIVE

Solution to 0xc000428 when dual booting Win7 and Win8

Share and Advanced Sharing aren't the same

Someone want to tell me what happend to Start/Programs- All Programs-

Something keeps waking up my PC and I cant figure out what

Some XP Integrated Sound Drivers May Work On Windows 8

Slow Searching After Moving User Directory

Single BSOD when waking up my laptop

Sleep and Hibernate Problems

Slow SSD boot

Some Windows Apps won't start

options.

Sleep/Shutdown issues

Slow Start Up after updating to Windows 8.1 in Dell 3537

software for PARTITION (not disk) mirroring to same disk

Solution for getting rid of all Win10 updates

some questions about upgrading from windows 8.1 to win 10

Some Metro Apps not launching

Sound/Playback Issues

Start Button Missing & understanding why

Some Startups won't launch

Slow dvd burning

So whats the deal with activation on RTM

Splitting audio to multiple outputs in Windows 8

Start menu / Desktop

SSD drive disappears from BIOS when formatting (GPT)

Start Screen Icon sizes

start not apps!

start menu apps shortcuts not showing change of location

Speed up initial login time

Sometimes you can't hit tiles and windows key won't work

SSD causing slow performance occationally (Respons time)

SSD for JUST the OS or for Programs as Well

Shut down problem + Sleeping problem

Sleep password protection won't turn off!

Solutions for backing up and restoring system drive

Sort every (sub)folder w/ same options

Start Screen went blank after Sleep - Can't add icons

Some USB Drives not compatible

SSD Slow program launch.

set up a homegroup

SSD defragmentation in Windows 8

Sound issue

Start screen shortcut opens the wrong start screen!

Skype killed touchscreen on my computer

Sound Applet Won't Open

Sound stutters when streaming video or audio online.

Sometimes Problem switching between Languages on Windows 8

Specific changes when upgrading from 8.1 to 10

Sleep mode turns off keyboard and mouse

Sound Drops randomly

Start Menu tiles moving vertically into new column

Start Screen Taskbar

Start Menu Tlies cleaed by policy - Can I save them

Start Screen Disappeared Overnight!

should I move on to win 8

some fonts seems to be not smooth rendered in win8

Software/Apps not displaying correctly & sharply.

Startmenu tiles customization!

Sound keeps resetting every time an application plays sth.

SkyDrive has stopped uploading files - Win 8.1 Pro x64

Start screen tiles won't move.

Sound On Windows 8 Sounds Better Than On Windows 7

Start Menu - Drop Shadow for Text

Sporadic BSOD during restart: irql_not_less_or_equal

Stop song info coming up when adjusting volume

Sharing apps between multiple accounts

Solved Homegroup Network Credentials. New password

Store/Apps Will Not Open (Store crashes)

Sleep Keyboard Hot-Key

still have memory leaks in windows 8.1 after disabling NDU

Strange arrow icon in W8.1 tiles

Slow LAN connection one way over Homegroup

Store doesn't open

Start-up language selection

still waiting for my upgrade

Stop Windows from Creating Libraries Automatically

Store not working

Stop Windows Update from installing Windows 10 Upgrade!

Strange Freezing on any program

Store Apps not working

Start Screen is unintuitive

Stuck at black loading screen after first installation restart

Stuck in Restart to complete installation loop

Stuck in resetting--error resetting computer--need to boot

Skydrive stopped working. :/

Start Menu (Or Whatever It's Now Called) Gone From Taskbar

Sound only works when I constantly change my volume

Strange Black Background Glitch

Skype strains HDD

Startup programs won't start

Stuck Modern UI icons on the taskbar

Sounds Bad with realtek HD audio Driver !

Strange Keyboard error (Windows 8.1 update 1)

Sound is extremely quiet

Sound issue Windows 8

Startup and Store Icon bugs

Stuck in 1024X768

Steps to take when running cmd prompt stuff at UEFI menu

sound doesn't auto switch from headphone to speker

Start Menu Crashes Upon Opening

Store app won't start!.

Stutter/freeze during video/music/games help.

Startup priority of programs

Startup Metro-App

Start Screen Settings Not Retained after Update 1

Strange Issue with Windows 8 Activation on Refurb Tablet!

Stuck at restart screen

Strip windows 8 bare like ubuntu

Storage Space set up on computer with data on drives.

So far so good standard apps on consumer preview x-64

Start Menu Clock

Soluton to metro apps don't work

STOP Pre Scheduled Windows 10 Installation

Start screen Search and Task manager slow load.

Sudden significantly slow boot times on restart

stuck in rebbot loop need help

Startup from Shutdown much slower than it used to be

Store updates and downloads

Stop a specific Windows update from bugging me over & over

Stop sharing programs between users on same PC

Still Getting "Upgrade to Windows 10" Updates

SWF dsnt work in my win 8 dev pre Tablet.

Stop expansion of Toolbar icons when activated

Stop Windows 8.1 from installing specific driver

Store error won't let me get any app on my new PC

Sync problem after recreating a User Account

SuperFetch automaticaly changes from disabled to automatic

Switching between apps and desktop apps

Startup application not run

Suddenly lost admin privileges and now unable to change

Store App Tile "1"

Stop annoying BEEP when starting some windows Guests

Switching WinX Menu with Start Screen

Stuck in a restart loop

Space requirements on fresh install

System Not Automaticall Entering Standby Mode Through WOL

Synced Theme reverting to Black solid color on Laptop

Stuck in Metro apps screen - Win-key doesn't toggle

System and Active disk are on the wrong drive!

System File Checker Errors post 8.1 upgrade

Sync settings - confused as to how it works

Syncing 2 folders on different drives

System Freezing & Occasional BSOD Crashes

sysprep with CopyProfile=True

switch to microsoft account with administrator built-in

Surface freezing when mouse touches corners in Windows 8

Stuck on Win8 Start screen after WinUpdates restart

Task bar menu problem

Strange graphics problem in Windows 7 / fixed in Windows 8

tablet wants to save files to laptop

System Restore and System Refresh not working completely!

Tabbed file explorer for Windows 8

Sysprep fails if Metro Apps have been "updated"

Switching Keyboard Language with Windows + Spacebar

System Files Checker Frequently Finds Issues

Sysprep problem-at the Administrator welcome screen itself

system required for win 8.1 and (coming 10)

System time incorrect when Fast Startup turned 'on'

Sync folder between 2 computers

Stuck On "Preparing Windows" When Attempting To Log In

Superfetch enabled on my SSD

Syncing Windows 8.1 update to Windows 10

System tray arrow

Synaptics Gestures

System backup prior to Windows 10

System consuming 10-30% CPU

Sudden and unexpected BSOD on Win10

System Repair Disc Fails to Boot

system service exception netio.sys BSOD

Splitting My Documents/Pictures/Music/Videos to 2 HDDs

Taskbars customization

System builder DVD and upgrade key

Takbar will not auto hide

Taskbar blocks messages and options

Taskbar bug

TaskBar and windows look more opaque than they should

Taskbar crashing

Taskbar current programs color text

Taskbar Icons staying lit up

Taskbar issue

Taskbar transparency

Taskbar won't hide

Taskbar always on top + window white text etc

System doesn't recognize me as an admin

Surface or YouTube Problem

taskbar rollover information slow to appear

Taskbar messed up

Synaptics (touchpad) driver not installing

Suggestion on System Configuration - Performance/Tweak

Taskbar remains on screen even in Store Apps.

The direction of Windows

Taskbar doesn't change colors after switching Themes

System Hangs when idle

System Freezing & Crashing

Switch between Start and Win 7 Desktop

Thin Vertical Taskbar

Text size on toolbar (not taskbar)

Taskbar freezes when opening the Desktop toolbar

The Windows Store is pretty decent!

Take ownership of C:\Win.\System32\termsrv.dll powershell

Text Blurry Problem After Upgrading

System started auto waking up after 5-10 minutes

Thinkpad Tablet 2: How to enable hibernation after x time

system partition won't boot

Taskbar Programs Are Not Responding

Taskbar programs shifting after fullscreen

thoughts from gurus on a fresh reinstall live tile issues.

This needs to be fixed for the Start Screen.

tiles are sorting automatically whenever windows wants

Today's Windows 8 Update is just to take you to Windows 10

The desktop button on the Start screen

Touch Keyboard Reverting to Foreign Language Keys

Thumbnails in Picture Library

Top bar flashes after 1 mins

TP Link N150 Compatibility

Tile customising

Tiny application icons on high dpi screen

Taskbar stops working

Taskbar Lagging While USB tethering

Transfer Upgrade to Another Computer

Taskbar Shows on Start Screen After Windows Updates

Thinking of upgrading to 8.1 again but troubles

Thoroughly confuzzled by email since Win8

Taskbar Icon Scaling Issue

Task Bar size

Taskbar Toolbars disappear

Task manager Memory unknown is this normal

Too Much Time To Startup As well as For Shut Down

Tried Installing On My Spare Drive - Total Disaster

Toshiba Lags with all browsers

Trouble accessing internet after updates

Tool to disable Windows Maintenance Task (scheduler)

trouble with freeze up with updates. and other

Too many Metro Apps

Took updates now USB's don't work

Troubleshooting not available in Windows 8.1 Boot Menu

Total freeze after installing updates

Transfer email and contacts files from Vista to Windows 8

Trouble with three monitors

Torrent programs freezes

taskbar items right mouse click context menu - large icon

Tiles not connecting to the internet

Trying to find something similar to CPU meter

Trying to get Asus win 8.1 back to factory settings

Trouble installing 64bit program issue.

turn off Smart Screen doesn't stick

UAC issue after upgrade to Office 2013

Typing network key in with touch keyboard

UAC and Metro apps

Turning Computer On or Restarting - Weird login

Toaster.exe caused unexpected shutdown

UAC won't let me enter password or click yes.

Troubleshoot option disappeared

UEFI Settings Not Available.How To Go Back To Win 7

trying to share folders on 2 windows 8 PCs-network passwor

Trouble installing sound driver on new Laptop

Turn off mouse button pinning window positions

UAC resets after last week's patch/update

Unable to access BIOS or Change Pc Settings

UAC - Program Name: User Account Control

Unable to create a homegroup in win8

Unable to boot on four cores / kmode_exception_not_handled

Unable to create hosts file - multitudes of access denies

Unable to access menu on right hand side of screen

Two Video Folders In Libraries

tried to reset notebook

UAC Control for known good programs

Unable to change folder icons in (extra) large icons view


UAC dosen't work!

UEFI only Boot Mode for a Future Build

Typing in the Start Screen doesn't work/Can't search

TWINUI app not letting me access all opned PDF docs

Two issues for new PC. Start button and saving location.

Unable to Install SyncToy

Unable to launch metro style calc.

Unable to Change Boot Drive

Unable to install any Metro Apps

UAC and security question (WARNING: UAC NOOB!)

UEFI without doing a clean install

Unable to connect to ipv6 internet and create homegroup

Unable to load windows

Unable to log in after Windows Updates/Reboot

unable to boot into system

Unable to start PC; no admin account recognized

Unable To Add Gmail Account in Mail App in Release Preview

Unable to install windows 8 on SSD with EUFI enabled

Unable to upgrade to 8.1 OxC1900101 - Ox4000D

unable to view xp computers in network view on 8.1 pc

unable to go to desktop

Unable to reset PC. Too many Windows 8 issues.

Unaccountable Windows Backup Folder!

Unable to Launch Store App

Unable to share drives across home network

unable to print after upgrading from win 7 to win 8

unable to un-share C:\Users folder

Unable to open MPEG-2 Video Files Various Application

Trying to get Microsoft Solitare Set on Desktop

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