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I'm Done With Windows 8


It's not as if windows 7 is near it's end of life.. I really understand those who got problems with drives and so on, but if you're buying a cheap PC, you're buying a cheap PC. Instead of being released through Windows Update like every other update over the past 20 years, Microsoft decided that it would make people use the new Windows Store. If you're running Windows 8, you can make the switch to Windows 8.1 with ease. have a peek here

Well done! And who knows, maybe one day Linux will be able to produce something better than Windows 8 on the desktop and I will switch back. Dominic Maas "Flat design sucks" - Well enjoy the 90s M S i N Lund The 90's and the mid 10's No thanks. ja2260 Ha, I can almost guarantee that if Microsoft had stuck with a desktop-focused OS that you would be near the front of the line to bash them for being a

How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported

Ayyyyyy Good point, but its not an argument against making the code that runs on your machine fully auditable, to say hey.. No annoying flopping back and forth between metro and the desktop. The mindset is changing inside Microsoft, from closed to open. close For a desktop user (the Win7 user base) I see no reason to complain that there are tablet/touch features included.

iPhone has 10 models since the launch since 2008 bit they are still supporting phones from 2011 for their latest version and they have different hardware. Send Us a Tip See MoreGeekWire Events Related Stories Microsoft teases Xbox One streaming to the HoloLens in new set of first-person videos Microsoft set to take on Slack with global And did I mention there’s no single sign-in feature for both? How Long Will Windows 10 Be Supported As I said.

See how this is a matter of perspective and you can never find the absolute definitive answer? Windows 10 Support End Date Logan Venter Shut up troll. Traditional apps except developed for legacy platform is really on their way out. see it here I could but I wont.

Yes, I understand why Microsoft needed the Start Screen (because the Start Menu would be too cumbersome for tablet users), and yes, I understand that Microsoft wanted to give apps center When Will Windows 10 Support End Its on the OEMs to make sure Android works on their chosen hardware. I devoted my 10,000 hours to mastering the platform, plus thousands more, and got the point where there wasn't a file, registry entry, or command line trick that I wasn't familiar Which I don't.

Windows 10 Support End Date

It's clear that Microsoft is going in a direction that's incompatible with the one I want my operating system to go in. valheru9 Android is closed source. How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported Many people want the start button back. What Is Windows Extended Support Linux may have always been free, but its fragmentation and constant philosophical infighting is many times its worst enemy.

http://www.cardinalphoto.com/ David Cardinal I can't speak for iOS, but there is a lot more multitasking going on in Android than is visible on the surface. navigate here All hardware for Android is the same except if they are using different CPU. Nobody has to use a terminal with Linux Mint. And what features do you need? How Long Will Windows 8.1 Be Supported After Windows 10

Because that's what they know best. >Uses a phone that's preinstalled with 150 applications? http://www.dmuela.com/ DMuela u dont know nothing… M S i N Lund I know how to spell. On phones. Check This Out Download to find out...

http://lmgtfy.com/?q=when+was+Windows+8.1+released 0 1 year ago Reply SumairB I disagree. When Does Windows 10 Support End chojin999 "Apple is running out of steam. Tell them that the phone OS can be upgraded for another few years and they will much happy to just purchase them.

Everything starts to look very generic.

Google just sweep it under the carpet. U do something the way Apple wants u to. My meaning is that every single Mac is expensive, maybe someone else means something else, but you can't get a Mac that's as cheap as the cheapest Windows computer. 1 1 When Will Microsoft Stop Supporting Windows 10 So why stop something that is *growing* at the pace of Mac?

Bavani Sankar Yeah, they are trying to be like Linux… Linux is the king! The OEM often makes poor choices for the user experience in configuring Windows or the apps they bundle but many people don't blame the OEM for the crappy bundled app, upsell, My experience of Windows on tablets closely resembles that of my ZDNet colleague James Kendrick . http://easylinkr.com/windows-10/strange-graphics-problem-in-windows-7-fixed-in-windows-8.php I need a system that's as fast as Windows 8, and I have; Windows 10 :) SSD is even better, which I also have; Surface Pro 3 :) 0 1 year

Even if they do, the institutions and firms would still continue using Win7 anyways. Windows RT is certainly a better choice for tablets, but that's because what you have is the illusion of Windows, rather than the real thing. If i had one complaint it would be shoving their crappy xbox name down PC gamers throat one thing i like is being able to snap 4 windows now instead of IBM lost the pc war when IBM compatible was good enough and now MS has decided not to lose it again.

Oh… pardon me. compiz Berly demonstration coolest stuff is near the end -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKp9WvZv7J8 my linux box has been able to do that stuff since 2004 http://www.gm-rms-cnestu310.com/ Enigmaticus-Paradoximus "By making Windows an OS that In fact, in my experience, the user experience is worse. I've lost count of the number of notebooks I've owned over the years, but this MacBook Pro is, by far, the most reliable system I've owned, and I put part of

Tablets and phones are what r saling so Microsoft plan to go where the money goes. Unless you are living in an area without internet, I don't see you not using cloud at all. But you were wrong about who that was. Opinionated Cat Lover Android is technically Open Source, but does that stop Google spying on you?

Join Discussion Powered by Livefyre Add your Comment Related Stories Mobility Windows 10 Mobile's new fans: Now more police modernize with Microsoft Lumias Security Feature or flaw? Magenta. Theyre really on shakey ground now. Hybrid is the way to go and also the future.

This reminds me of when they launched the .NET framework. I had Windows NT 3.5/40 systems, and some Windows 2000 machines that were rock solid. No laptop bag required. So yes, it’s safe to say that Windows has been a part of my life since the very beginning.

It enabled me to focus on a task without needing to minimize or resize a window. Wanna watch Netflix Boffin Watch 20 March 2017 Spanish dude reveals terrifying sex robot that wants to be romanced Go for it, if you want to draw back a stump Hardware Logan Venter Wow, you have an opinion! Half of that total is chalked up to a deal with Apple that makes Google the default search engine for mobile Safari.