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Love Windows 8 (8.1) But Hate No Shutdown/restart Button


user 9693 but we have a choice ,interfaces are made easier and to make things easier not complicated that is one of the the sole purposes of an "Interface". My mistake. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Leave it alone and quit trying to re-invent the wheel. http://easylinkr.com/windows-8/shutdown-windows-8-8-1-8-1-1.php

I just won't get one from this brand. It was a jarring experience, and super annoying to exit from or use properly (poor choice of keyboard shortcuts). You can get a MBA for $900. The options you speak of aren’t necessary because third parties have provided numerous options just for that. click resources

Windows 8.1 Classic Start Menu

Unknown by society Says: January 13th, 2014 at 10:03 pm Well i read all the comments here and its hilarious half of you seem to think its a bad move by All Rights Reserved tweet share Laptops Best Laptops Under $500 For Gaming For Business For College Chromebooks CPU Guide GPU Guide Tablets Best Overall Best 2-in-1s Kids' Tablets Under $200 Samsung it runs quicker, boots quicker,and i like pokki for the classic menu. Zoe Says: December 11th, 2014 at 5:09 pm when u zoom in on google chrome it doesn't get bigger it just shows bold black lines at the side of the screen.

This is so much nonsense. As you might be knowing, when Fast Startup is enabled, Windows 8 can't install its updates without rebooting. http://www.facebook.com/ronald.stepp Ronald Stepp We're not headed towards touch on the desktop anymore than we are headed for a mouse on tablets and phones. Windows 8 Start Menu Download The numbers are different depending on hardware but I save 30s each time I start and shutdown, which I do daily, compared to Windows 7 and that alone adds to 3

And then as you drag down to pick one of the charms, sometimes (more often than not) if you go just a hair to far to the left, it closes up The most prominent is that most installed programs, if not all depending on resolution, are visible at a glance and a single click launches them. You are a "techhead", the rest of us are things like Salespeople,Doctors, Writers, oldies like me. http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/25/5344066/windows-8-1-update-1-shutdown-start-screen-option-rumor Is there another way?Like or Dislike: 3 0 Reply ↓ Sergey Tkachenko Post authorCan I ask you why you can't access it?Like or Dislike: 3 1 Reply ↓ danwat1234 @Sergery Tkachenko,

PDF, txt, or as a Pages, Numbers or KN file. Windows 8 Start Button Missing Not dumb, stupid, or non tech savvy. vista was another embarrassment. since many people dont know much about them, they may feel difficulty but windows 8.1 is awesome venkatesh Says: February 12th, 2014 at 5:03 am I never got annoyed while using

Windows 8 Classic Start Menu

Not a single one has EVER had security or protective measures taken, no anti virus, malware or Trojan gatekeeper software tying up resources. If I could 'draw it' does that mean it could receive a trademark or patent. Windows 8.1 Classic Start Menu It's just plain stupid forcing a clear failure of an UI on everyone from gamers to casual users to power users to business users to server administrators and developers and so Start Button Windows 8 I'll take the victory.

http://www.facebook.com/ronald.stepp Ronald Stepp XP is the best for the specific use cases that some people need, overall I think 7 is the best because it has much better driver support and http://easylinkr.com/windows-8/restart-slow-on-windows-8-1-1-9-ghz-i3-hdd.php I was myself surprised having heard a lot of negative comments. It took me a couple of hours to get comfortable with Win 8. Yes, there is now a shutdown option, but it is very awkward and the 'workflow' of getting to it is just absurd. How To Get Start Menu In Windows 8

At the very least they could have left the "old" way of doing things and let new users learn the new way without making the old users suddenly find years of The display. Windows 7 and Vista were no better. his comment is here The metro interface is just trash.

lawrence Says: September 28th, 2014 at 9:48 am how do you stop the mouse from being so touchy what Says: September 4th, 2014 at 3:46 pm So you say there is Change Windows 8 Start Menu Riddance. Switcher Groups All Desktop Apps Into Just One Thumbnail If you want proof that desktop applications are second-class citizens in Windows 8, look no further than the Switcher menu where you'll

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To be such intelligent 'IT' pros in this discussion and NOT give props to OSx, it's simplicity (for the masses) yet easily and efficiently located 'tools' for us geeks to use, PCIe storage. I'm in the minority it seems, but on a Window's based article, that's to be expected. Windows 8 Start Menu For Windows 7 If im reading you right, you want to autologin to the device so you dont need to login to windows using a local account with your keyboard..

As we knew from earlier leaks, modern apps now have a pseudo titlebar like 'legacy' apps (sidenote -- why in the name of sweet hell are they 'legacy' apps? Sean Microsoft is even more arrogant than that. As far as tabs are concerned, I consider them more of a thing for women with purses. weblink That’s the time it takes to learn how the new UI works.

Microsoft should have offered the user a choice between an traditional interface and their touch screen interface so that those who didn't have touch screens weren't frustrated with trying to blindly Brian Merica What choice? New, 0 comments Entertainment Transportation TV BBC America is bringing Top Gear to the US again by Sean O'[email protected] Hosted by William Fichtner, Antron Brown, and Tom Ford New, 2 comments You advice can't be taken SERIOUSLY!!!!!

Mricehouse ALT+F4 and 1 mouse click and you can shutdown, restart, sleep, sign out or switch users. Tig3RStyluS Windows Phone is gaining share and will continue to do so. ha ha This site is a fail! If you own Microsoft stock, SELL!

Lumia 920 will be my next phone, the HTC 8X comes close too. Go play in traffic with your surface tablet. new features in the start screen:- -fullscreen start menu to take your mind off whatever work you are doing and distroy your whole concentration -4-5 seconds just to click shutdown -learn Just.

http://twitter.com/GorillaDaGoon Juan Gotti No its complicated when its hidden by default, and not explained explicitly on system start up that its been changed after 20 years of doing it the other People get used to "Metro" or whatever it is now, and then when they go to shop for a smart phone they see that the windows phones/tablets look exactly like their The change is that the taskbar remains visible when the Start screen appears; it's almost like having a full-screen Start menu. I did.

If they add a start button and a default to "desktop" this would be one of their best OSs, but forcing to metro will make it a fail. However, if it weren’t for the complication of large deployments and of course the cost associated with these deployments, all companies would or should be on Windows 7 by now. Given that I personally think 7 was the best version they ever released, WinXP has the advantage of being a stable and reliable workhorse for what it does. KEZZEZ windows xp was and still is the best OS that windows has come out with.

Like or Dislike: 15 0 Reply ↓ Sergey Tkachenko Post authorYou are welcomeWell-loved. No idea, it just does it. Give the customer the choice they asked for. Waldo Emerson Says: August 13th, 2015 at 10:48 am Oh brother.