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Modern UI Alternative(s) To SkyDrive (OneDrive) App


If there is something in particular, that you'd like to see, feel free to contact us at http://blogs.technet.com/b/askpfeplat/contact.aspx. 47 years ago Reply Anonymous Personally I'm not a fan of changing the That’s because a formal GNOME Office suite never fully left the ground. Cloud Storage There used to be a…... [read more]How To Keep Your Files Synced With SkyDrive In Windows 8.1 Advertisement Windows 8.1 includes deep SkyDrive integration, far beyond the simple SkyDrive Hopefully this will be resolved in the future with the free upgrade to Windows 10 Windows 10: The Dream Of A Cross-Device Operating System Is Becoming Reality & It's Free Windows

I still can't believe there was not a way to manage WiFi connections… Now I just want to be able to use OneDrive in my work with my home account, the Alternative   How to Enable and Turn On the Office 2013 Sign In and Cloud Features 1. MINIMIZING a Store app would take you to the last-used app (that means, a new Gesture or touch-friendly Minimize button would need to be made available.)- On a Desktop PC: CLOSING Don’t try searching for it in your package manager. https://www.eightforums.com/software-apps/42453-modern-ui-alternative-s-skydrive-onedrive-app.html

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Hi Guys,is there any way to a) remove the ugly context menu for the apps and b) remove the X for closing apps?I liked my Windows 8.1 how it was before In an enterprise environment allowing your users to access personal OneDrive is not expectable. Now for Desktop Apps that use detail and color, multi-colored backgrounds won't help at all. 3 years ago Reply T. WTG info says MAK activation is not recommended so what are our alternatives? 47 years ago Reply Anonymous Am I download "Windows 8.1 Update KB2919355" for 3 Nos PC (Win8.1 Pro

Not only can you pin Store Apps to the Taskbar; now, running Store Apps can show up on your Taskbar, just like a traditional Desktop App would. If you don't receive any email in 12 hours, please remember to check the Spam box or contact us directly by email. I had 7 GB of free storage just sitting there unused for god knows how long. Windows 8 Interface Name If in Modern UI, closing the app should take you the Start screen.

I sometimes feel like I work in the only non-Microsoft location on Earth where users actually embraced the Start Screen on non-touch desktops and laptops. What Is Windows 8 Ui in Software and Apps I have windows 7 ultimate that had SkyDrive successfully working on [email protected] Now, if I put a new folder into "Pictures" it will replicate in "Documents" and also "OneDrive" I've looked at the Properties>Location of the Picture folder and it has the destination Hide or bring up the touch keyboard: Well folks, there you have it.

good service very quick. -- Eric Cline - I want to tell You that now every thing is o.k.; valid Windows 7 Starter to Home Premium Anytime Upgrade license is installed Windows 7 Interface Do you want someone to come to your house and tell you to go back to the dining room when you actually need to go to the bathroom? Read More more efficiently. Starting with Metro… This should be put in the recycle bin on desktop PCs.

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Get A Chromebook Instead! Microsoft has heard your cries and responded … sort of. Metro Interface Windows 10 Per default, Microsoft’s cloud storage utility resides on the C: drive. Which Windows 8 Feature Did Microsoft Not Included In Windows 10 Netflix and other streaming video and music services work wonderfully in-browser, and Pixlr editor offers surprisingly strong image editing capabilities.

Unfortunately, where the traditional windows desktop lets you open as many windows as you want on any display, Windows 8.1 only allows one window for every 590 pixels of screen real And all this is free! Our key code sector has been online for over 3 years, and has since grown to become one of the largest online key code stores online today. Microsoft wants you to consider SkyDrive your new hard drive where you store all your personal files. What Is Metro Interface Windows 8

Thankfully, the OneDrive team persisted in their web client development. On prior generation devices, I never had much luck with Sleep. Someone with more knowledge, more patience and less fear might want to update this with exact steps for you. When I run the installer I get to the...

I'm specifically interested in a good modern UI app for this purpose. Windows 8 Disable Metro The way modern browsers are shaping up, some web experiences could potentially be indistinguishable from native ones. i would like to discontinue the upload.

You can sync additional folders using symbolic links.

Instead of taking up disk space all the time, only files you want to open are downloaded from the Cloud. Unfortunately, the operating system still forces you onto the touch-unfriendly desktop environment the moment that you need to copy files within your hard drive or browse the folders on a USB Microsoft's built-in Mail app is good and appears ready to only get better with Windows 8.1 Update 1. Windows 8.1 Interface I feel that you deserve the credit as well so if you don't mind, I'll credit you on my show when I get to this segment.

Why can't it be slightly more wide, spaced, big and be more touch friendly. I was poking around my updated system this past weekend and discovered however, that the SkyDrive directory under your user profile does not get renamed to OneDrive. I wasted my time on it for many days but finally I got a solution from this link http://www.microsoftliveassist.com/unable-to-connect-onedrive/ Reply Paul June 14, 2014 at 3:36 am # Hi, I've made I’m fortunate to live in an area where WiFi is pretty abundant, and connectivity is only an issue when I am driving.

In Windows 7, SkyDrive was a native client experience. Or that some of us pay for every megabyte we download? But, I still will not recommend Win 8.1 for a PC for my customers, till they reintegrate the start menu UI. Have a look at our prices!

OneDrive: Which Cloud Storage Is… 5 Innovative Linux Operating Systems You Should Try Today Linux 5 Innovative Linux Operating Systems You Should Try Today Advertisement Related Articles Dropbox vs. Earlier, I would return to the Start Screen. I can now add and remove files freely from my PC to my OneDrive, much like I did in 8.1. I can browse my Notebooks on Onedrive (https://d.docs.live.net/b27c8xxxxxxxx) and create new Notebooks using same path (https://d.docs.live.net/b27c8xxxxxxxx) same apply for OneNote Morden App.

Overall, very happy with the update, and as several others mentioned, kudos to you guys for this very informative blog post. Read More , now it’s time to learn all about the importance of…... [read more]Say Goodbye to Adobe Creative Suite Advertisement Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of applications for people Thanks for sharing. 47 years ago Reply pina618 How can I get these new features? I wrote up a how-to over on my blog for making that change and it can be found at http://www.windowsobserver.com/2014/04/06/rename-skydrive-folder-to-onedrive-after-windows-8-1-update-installation/ Thanks again for a great post.

I had my laptop and browser continuously open for eight days while I uploaded my music to OneDrive. Yet, somehow, the company left some of its previous operating system’s biggest bugaboos intact while introducing a whole new set of frustrations. Reply Tim February 6, 2015 at 3:09 am Windows 8.1 is the worst thing to happen to computing since Vista. More: How to Shut Down Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 In Just One Click Lock screen slows you downOn a tablet or a phone, a lock screen makes a little sense because

i have a brandnew hp probook withoem win 8 pro..i run the advisor tool and get no problems detected howeverafter 3 update tries i give up..every time it takes 3 hours The developers will follow suit. In ALL aspects, Win8 is superior to the versions of the o/s that came before it -- especially XP. Please keep an eye on our blog for future posts.

Syncing folders of 80-100GB is no longer an option for me on a 128 GB SSD ultrabook. Okay, so there are a bunch of good apps in the Windows Store, but frankly, Microsoft's market is new enough that Metro apps are unlikely to meet all your needs. thanks everyone for the information. I soon developed a workflow of adding and dropping collections to and from external drives to Dropbox, creating a living library on the go.